Is This The Way To Al -Jazeera?

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Is This The Way To Al -Jazeera?

But the sand is blazing

Crown Prince Hamad bin Khalifa is waiting

Though it may be harder...

I'll be reporting on the Intifada.

This really is piss poor. It's so piss poor, it doesn't even seem to be on YouTube yet. But BBC London staff 'face a dressing down from senior executives' for filming yet another sodding spoof of novelty hit 'Is this the way to Amarillo?'.

This time, the gag revolves around departing BBC London assistant editor Simon Torkington, who's quitting the Corporation to work for the maligned Arab network.

The video, meant as a private office gag, is now doing the inevitable and traditional rounds, which we're all too happy to perpetuate. So sit back and be whelmed by Londonist friend Matt Barbet and chums as they give 'Storky' an ill-judged goodbye.

Last Updated 12 September 2006

Edwin Lyons

You'd think someone working for the BBC could make a better video wouldn't you? I can't believe it wasted much of our licence fee! They're only going to "face a dressing down" to shut the tabloids up...

As far as being offensive, I don't think it really is - I don't see why we should "tiptoe" around the Muslim community. The way to solve terrorism and many other world issues is to integrate people, not separate them into groups that require special treatment.