Fergie's 'London Bridge'

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Fergie's 'London Bridge'

Yes we know we've taken the piss out of her already for this but we just couldn't resist.

Apparently this is the alternative cover for Fergie's 'floor filler' (or complete M.I.A. rip off, if you want to be cynical about it):


Has no one mentioned it to her yet?

Last Updated 07 September 2006


Hold on! It's not much like M.I.A. at all really. Arular is one of my favourite albums and it's nothing like the shite Fergie has put out. Black Eyed Peas are another band who are greater than the sum of their parts.


MIA was one of my fav' albums of last year, and of course Fergie can't get anywhere near her greatness - but listen to the single and it's obvious that's what the label are aiming for (and failing).

It's watered down but the influence is there.


I really don't think it sounds anything like or is even vaguely influenced by MIA. It's more just a continuation of the Black Eyed Peas sounds of My Humps with a smidge of a urban-stefani sound


Silly girl, brains are in the looks and helping misinform the tourist who walk the wrong way in rush hour over London Bridge, asking if the one with the swingy bits is London Bridge.

Mario Filho

Yeah, its identical. Rear two in sequences... of course M.I.A have a low production in comparison a Fergie's clip...

but has more identity and core.

sorry my english.