Chocolate Week, 16 to 22 October

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Chocolate Week, 16 to 22 October

Mmmmm. Chocolate. From the humblest coating on a brittle caramel wafer to the most divine and fairly traded gold-foil covered slab, the sweet stuff is a special treat for most people. For some, it is a necessity. Whether you're a recreational chocolate user or the type who needs regular cocoa-based injections, you may be pleased to know that Chocolate Week takes place in London (and across the country) from 16 to 22 October.

Events in the week's chocolate-coated goodness include lots of tasting events with specialist chocolatiers, book offers, new cocktails at the Sanderson and workshops on how to recognise good quality stuff and how to make chocolate. Special mention has to go to the Soiree du Chocolat fundraising event at the Volupte Lounge in the City, an evening of "decadence, richness and indulgence" with burlesque acts, live music and dancing until late. All proceeds go to CLIC Sargent Cancer Care for Children. Participants in Chocolate Week include Harrods, Chococo, Divine, L'Artisan du Chocolat, La Maison du Chocolat, Melt, Paul A Young Fine Chocolates, Rococo and Seventypercent. You may have noticed there is no mention of Cadburys or Nestle here: this event is for the folks who don't think Smarties count as real chocolate.

The various events for chocolate week take place in a range of venues, including Melt's Notting Hill venue, the Sanderson Hotel, the Konditor and Cook shops and Paul A Young's Fine Chocolates shop in Islington. Some events require advance booking and may have entry fees.

Chocolate Week, 16-22 October, various venues. For more information, go to the Chocolate Week website here.

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