Are You Geotagging Yet?

By Rob Last edited 141 months ago
Are You Geotagging Yet?

Flickr have, this week, introduced a geotagging facility, which basically means you can tag your photos by 'place' and browse other people's using a worldwide map.

There's a whole range of ways to use the tool (there's a video tutorial here if you want a quick introduction) and it's all done with the drag-and-dropiness you would expect from Flickr.

So why are we talking about it? Well, for a start you can now browse London 'photographically' which is pretty cool.

The image above is what happens when you look at London for photos tagged with 'Londonist'. While below is what happens when you look for the 'banksy' tag.


And while we're talking about photos we should remind everyone to tag your Londony images with 'Londonist' so they show up in our contribute section. We have such great stuff in our Flickr pool, it would be brilliant to see some of it appearing in our sidebar.

Last Updated 01 September 2006


Yet another feature to suck you in even further.


I'm pretty sure I've been geotagging for months - is this just a new official flickr one?


Correct me if I'm wrong, but Yahoo! Maps (which Flickr uses) seems to have rather poor coverage of non-North American areas. The last time I looked, it only showed major roads and none of them were labelled. My London shape recognition isn't quite up to being able to geotag my photos with any degree of accuracy.