Anarchy in the UK

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Anarchy in the UK

If you're not sure how to get a piece of paper to stick to a wall then this is the video for you:

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We got a bit lost once the spray can came out as we missed the induction video on how to use one, but we were happy to see that the young chap gave himself an A at the end of his work.

Last Updated 29 September 2006


it's really adam and joe innit?

Louis Goddard

MC Devvo and Shady Pies, innit.


A tip that used to work for the most sensitive places.....umm... 30 years ago ;-) (ok, before CCTV and at a time when you could still get near them). 1) Wear suits 2) Carry the pasted brush in a folded newspaper - Financial Times worked well. 3) Do it fast.


Give us a break and stop spraying shite all over our walls and buildings. Or at least spray it on your own first before you lumber the rest of us with political-by-default messages. We all share the same space. Stop wasting it!