This Bird Has Flown

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This Bird Has Flown

One of our species is missing. The humble house sparrow has been practically absent from the streets of central London for some years now. And nobody really knows why.

The Independent wants an answer. Badly. Five years ago they offered a £5000 reward for a scientific explanation of the disappearance. It has, so far, gone unclaimed.

We’ve been trying to put together a case against the Estate of Cock Robin, on suspicion of mass reprisal killings. Not sure that’ll get past the scientific peer review process…but it’s worth a shot.

So, come on London. What theories, crackpot or otherwise, can you offer for the AWOL sparrow?

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Last Updated 02 August 2006

Steve Wilde

To be honest, the only reason I still live in London is the fact that I can't fly away... apart from the galleries, gigs and... well, generally stuff that wouldn't appeal to a sparrow.

But everywhere I've been in Eurpoe lately seems to be innundated with the little blighters! So, maybe we just chased them off... But they all looked happy to me! And very clean into the bargain. There are a hell of a lot of very cocky looking Robin's in South London these days mind!

When is the last time you saw a Greenfinch?

And I wish these bloody foxes would shut it at night!