Londonist Readers Have Filthy Minds

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Londonist Readers Have Filthy Minds

Has anyone else noticed the increasingly suggestive nature of London's sculptures? Reader James certainly has, pointing us in the direction of this 'angelic ringpiece' recently installed in Islington Green. Says he:

Personally I see it as a Jungian response to the overt Freudianism of the weird pointy thing at Spitalfields.


He means this thing —->

We should probably curb our pictorial innuendo there and adopt less flippant tones, given that the Islington sculpture is the granite centrepiece of a new war memorial (so no commenting on the adjacent man with the 12 foot hose). It was designed by John Maine, the same chap who brought us those odd concrete half-circles outside the National Theatre. The new-look gardens and war memorial are due to open in September.

Photos by M@.

Last Updated 03 August 2006

john K

Is it just me, or has the supposed 're-juvenation' of Islington Green not only taken 4 months to achieve very little (still not finished) but also successfully removed almost every plant, hedge or sign of natural life that made it such a nice place to hang out in the first place.

But yes. Ringpiece. Still not as funny as the Tup pub female reproductive-system logo/sign though.


A sign on the fence suggested it was going to open in June 2006. A sign next to that promised September 2006. A sign next to that said 'Another Multiplex project'.

Only kidding.

Speaking of rude pub motifs, for those who missed it first time round, this has to be the filthiest bit of glazing in London:


It took me a while to get over the silliness of the inuendo (I mean, it's a 3m granite torus) - but I think that by it you're indicating the thing has a lack of dignity. Which I partly agree with.