Invasion of Lebanon March And Demo - Today

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Invasion of Lebanon March And Demo - Today

There will be a direct action march and demo against the invasion of Lebanon today, starting at Gilbert Street near Bond Street station, 1.00pm. This demo welcomes anyone and everyone who wants to express their feelings about the current situation in Lebanon. Instructions for those attending are to be creative, bring enthusiasm, anger and / or passion. Bring banners, bring noisy things, fake blood and anything will get your point across.

Follow-up meeting planned for Sunday - check Indymedia for more details. There is also a Stop the War Coalition march on Saturday starting at Hyde Park, passing the US Embassy, through Trafalgar Square and onto Downing Street. More information on the march can be found on the Stop the War Coalition website here.

Last Updated 03 August 2006


Will you be giving equal time to pro-Israeli counter-demonstrations, including announcements of where/how to join them, or is Londonist partisan on this issue?


Agree. Was the recent pro-Israel demo promoted here?