We've got your number... maybe

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We've got your number... maybe

This could get interesting:

Number plates for bicycles are being considered by the mayor in a bid to improve cycling standards. Ken Livingstone believes bicycles and their owners should be registered so that law-breakers can be caught.

Crazy idea? Good idea? We're not sure... This all kicked off after Ken did something we thought no one in their right mind did - he listened to a caller on a live radio phone-in show. Some people as you expect are a tad unhappy at the idea:

The RAC Foundation and British Cycling, the sports' governing body, said the proposal was "impractical, bureaucratic and dangerous".

We get pissed off at the odd pavement peddler too, but tarring everyone who rides a bike with the same brush seems a tad harsh. Part of the beauty of the bicycle is that it's cheap, easy and most importantly green. As Edmund King of the RAC Foundation said "We need to encourage cycling rather than put people off."

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maybe a children trike need license too?

what about unicycles?


Lunacy, and I almost certainly won't get one. Who will enforce this? The police, instead of responding to burglaries? How many bicycles kill pedestrians per year in the capital?


Excellent idea. I'm all for it, but on one condition.

Cyclists entering the congestion charge zone should be paid the same amount that motorists are charged, in respect of the amount of money that they save the city in pollution, road repairs and congestion.

It's only fair.


If it helps us get those wankers that cycle through red lights then I'm all for it. It'll save me kicking the crap out of them.