Random Graffito Of The Week

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Random Graffito Of The Week

A Royal Family of clowns, teddy bears and moomins, spotted on a wall down Stoke Newington Church Street. But does anyone know who painted this unorthodox royal portrait?

Last Updated 07 July 2006


That's just down the road from me, i live on Church Street. AFAIK it's been there for at least 2 years, but i can't see any tags to identify it. I got the feeling the people that own the building put it up.


thats a banksy
its a bit different to his more obvious stuff, but you can tell from the drawings if you know his work well. also its in one of his mini books i think.


It was th cover artwork for the Blur Crazy Beat single too and yep, its by Banksy


Really? Banksy? Are you sure?

I went down there today (to get milk and eggs, i'm not that sad lol) and have a closer look at it, and to be perfectly honest, none of it looks stenciled.

The black background looks like it's been painted on with a brush, and the characters are freehand...

That doesn't sound like Banksy at all? Maybe early work? It's certainly been there a while.

Also its' not a shop there, it's flats, and there's certainly enough space in front to get a ladder up as it's just scrub.

If you can find it in one of his mini books and post a photo, that'd be cool, i know he's in the area as there's a "BANKSY" stensil just down the the road in hackney, but as a "fan" of his work, i didn't even consider him as it seems out of character.

I do wonder what that boy does just wanderign around sometimes lol.. Still, it's better work than TOX


Okay, I submit, it is Banksy


I have loved it since i saw it, but it never crossed my mind it was him. I'm glad no one painted over it :)


Wow, Banksy, I never suspected. Pretty different to his usual stuff. Colour and everything.

Thanks everyone.


I'm glad you agree M@, i was hanging my head in shame as a Banky appreciator lol