Hanging Monorail-Type-Thing For London?

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Hanging Monorail-Type-Thing For London?

Awesome promo for a possible solution to London's transport problems. Sadly, there's no firm indications this will ever get built, but there's certainly a whiff of interest from big business. See the Monometro website for tantalizing glimpses of what London might look like with this fantasy network in place.

Last Updated 14 July 2006


Monumentally Awesome!! Pity it would be a target for terrorists or worse... trade unions. If it ever goes through it should be fully automated... and operate close to 24x7 (One going down the finchley road would be a great relief to traffic there.


Looks fantastic - pity they'll cover the bastards with advertising.


the monoMetro is an amazing idea, truely a beacon of hope for how our transport system could be after the TfL and Mayors £10b 5year transport facelift. we can dream...


Great IDEA MonoMetro if only TfL would see sense instead of backing old, expensive and not very attractive technology. Wake up UK. We used to be the transport capital of the world, now we're being taken over by the rest.


Great Idea MonoMetro. Shame Tfl chose to back old, expensive and not very attractive means of transport. Wake up UK. We used to be the transport capital of the world. Now we're just a laughing stock. What ever happened to our vision of the future.


Is It Me Or Did The Guy Above Me Just Say The Same Thing Twice..Which Brings Me To My Next Point..Don't Do Drugs!!