At A Greengrocer's Near You, From Friday

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At A Greengrocer's Near You, From Friday
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We adore quirky shops. Who doesn't? So we were delighted to stumble across these two curiosities within days of each other - presumably given these names to surf some now faded Holywood zeitgeist. Capitan Corelli can be found on Battersea Park Road, while the Lion King off licence is on Green Lanes. We're keeping our eyes open for 'Snakes on a Plane, family butcher'.

Anyone got further examples of this curious trend?

Last Updated 14 June 2006

Captain Corelli fan

Corellia is my local cafe and it is fantastic. It is an old world italian family run place that is popular with the locals. You wont see a Starcrap muffin, instead home cooked italian food and great espresso.

Helen Mirren also named it as her favourite so check it out when you are in the area.


Readers beware - Lion King off license, despite it's awesome name, is rubbish!