Kiwi Pizza?

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Kiwi Pizza?

We read today that New Zealand pizza chain Hell Pizza is due to open its first UK outlet in the capital next month.

Now at the moment we kind of rely on Basilico for our 'gourmet' pizza needs but looking at the menu on Hell's NZ website we might have to give this lot a try.

For example, the Damned pizza is topped with avocado, Camembert and cashew; while the Mayhem comes with chicken, capsicum and sweet chilli.

Ok, so we can hear all you pizza puritans grinding your teeth from here, but we bet even you can't argue with their advertising:


Last Updated 24 May 2006

nik riviera

if they can pull off what theyve done in new zealand, then they will make a killing. fast food is one of the things new zealand does amazingly well (think gourmet burgers, fish & chips, pizza et al), and Hell Pizza is up there with the best. now i wont have to wait until i return to nzl each time to get great pizza delivery! i bet to spite there will be no east london branch though :(


Gourmet pizzas with unusual ingredients? You don't need to wait for the kiwis to arrive, just check out the Epicurean Lounge:

(and no, I don't work for them, I'm just a hardcore pizza addict who's in heaven after finding them just round the corner from my office)


Fire & Stone in Covent Garden rocks for yummy gourmet pizzas.


Does anyone know where this Hells pizza is in London exactly?


Check out

mmmm, can't wait.


I think it's on North End Road, in Fulham. It looks great.