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09 March 2006 | Art & Photography, Politics | By: Talia

George Galloway likes talking

George Galloway likes talking

Not content with being an MP, everyone's favourite cat impressioner George Galloway has today announced he's turning his hand to the art of a radio talkshow host. Now we know he likes talking, but is giving him a microphone really necessary?

Dear ol' George will be presenting a current affairs phone in on Talk Sport. He won't be restricting himself to politics though and says that he intends to make the show the most talked about talk show on radio.

It starts this Saturday at 8pm and will run every Saturday and Sunday evening from 8 til 10pm. We just can't wait to see exactly how quickly he manages to break quite a few of Ofcom's taste and decency rules. Bring it on Georgie boy.


grrr I cant stand Galloway - it cant just be me who thinks he should be doing his job instead of appearing on telly and working to his own agenda?
It seems all the politicians want to be entertainers - the Liberals are doing it now - http://www.thefirstpost.co.uk/...


Taste and decency? Eh, how about impartiality?


Yes that was the word I was struggling to think of!