Friday Film News

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Friday Film News
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Guns. A big issue with our cousins across the pond. The 2nd Amendment to the constitution means that people can keep assault rifles at home, and with Bush and his cronies in the White House, it doesn't look like there will be any changes to the law anytime soon.

American Liberals, however, are increasingly using the media to get across their simple and sensible message: Gun crime will not decrease unless gun laws are tightened. American Gun seems to be no exception. It highlights the gun culture that is rife in the USA. The trailer looks good, but the film looks a little too glossy, if anything.

From guns to Gauls now, and the new Asterix film - Asterix and the Vikings. Whilst the film is currently only available in French (not having been dubbed into English yet), seeing an old-fashined hand drawn film is a nice respite from all the flashy multi-million dollar CGI, which to be honest, is a bit dull now, and seems to find its way into every film, regardless of genre. ("Oh look, some stunningly rendered dinosaurs" "But this is a romantic comedy!" - at least they could do us all a favour and eat Sarah Jessica Parker).

On to reviews, and Basic Instinct 2, with the ageing Sharon Stone in the lead role (but you still would, wouldn't you?). But just how sexy is this erotic thriller? Black lacey thong or old skid-mark covered Y-fronts? The critics seem to think the latter. The film takes a real beating from The Guardian's Peter Bradshaw:

It is difficult to convey just how uproariously awful this movie is, all of the time. The original's complications had their own messy allure: this one is just muddled and silly. Sharon is haughtily jaded; there is nothing in the script to release her natural fizz; where once there was danger and mischief, there is now only a kind of dyspepsia, and the script by Leora Barish and Henry Bean gives no perspective on what Catherine might be like as an older woman. Morrissey looks thoroughly uncomfortable, especially when Sharon's teasing has to unleash his inner beast. It is then that that he gets very frowny and shouty and looks as cross as two sticks, like Gordon Brown, though not as sexy.

Calm down there Peter. Gordon Brown? Sexy? Then this film must be the opposite to sexy! Anthony Quinn of the Independent gives us an even more scathing review, awarding the film a single measly star:

The director Michael Caton-Jones stirs up a mood of morbid unpleasantness, but, even as the body count climbs, one never feels the smallest shiver of suspense: we have no clue as to the character of the victims, and no doubt as to the identity of the murderer. By the end I was so dumbstruck by its awfulness I almost forgot to jeer.

So that's what the experts say. Still, if you want to see Sharon Stone getting up to some rampant pummeling at 110mph in the front seat of a sports car with footballer Stan Collymore (of all people), before she throws him into the Thames, then this film is most definitely for you.

And so to finish this week's Friday Film News, the news roundup.

Could this be a real picture of the dark suit from Spiderman 3?

Shock news! Hollywood doesn't cast Brit in villain role! Simon Pegg has been a busy boy - filming his part in Mission: Impossible 3. He is actually playing a good guy, which is a rarity for a Brit - I guess we Brits are all just naturally evil. The word on the street is that Pegg will do another series of his brilliant cult comedy Spaced after this little excursion to the City of Angels.

And finally - get well soon Mike! - our usual film critic is laid up at the moment. Hopefully we'll have him back for next week's Friday Film News, as no-one else at Londonist can really do it the same justice. So if everyone could concentrate Uri Gellar on David Beckham's foot-style on Mike's back and send positive energy his way, the Londonist can resume normal service as soon as possible.

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Derek Balling

Ya know, I feel sorta obligated to refute the following statement:

"Gun crime will not decrease unless gun laws are tightened."

I can't speak to London's "gun crime" issues (where tightening gun laws has actually caused a large-scale INCREASE in gun crimes), but I can speak to the fact that in the United States, and most other places, there is a simple correlation between "permissive gun laws" and "low crime rates" inasmuch as the fact that the better access to firearms a citizenry has, the LOWER its crime rates are.

Sure, it's easy to knee-jerk and think "oh, the answer to crime is to remove guns," but in fact all it does is make the populace easier targets, as you Brits have already learned if you'd only take the time to look at the statistics.

leave sharon alone

*ahem* i feel that referring to sharon stone as "ageing" (oh my god, SHE'S PAST 40, get her off our screens) is a bit rich (and sexist) given the romantic leading men we have to put up with - harrison ford? richard gere? michael douglas? sean connery? please. gordon brown though definitely has a certain something about him ...

@derek: you can quote freeper stats all you like, but in the uk my chances of being shot and killed for walking on my neighbour's lawn are significantly lower here than they are in the states.


Leave Sharon Alone (if that is your real name!) - you have said to Derek what I was going to say.

On your point, don't worry, I don't find Harrison Ford or Richard Gere attractive either, and any Hollywood director casting them in the lead role of an erotic thriller would get it in the neck from me too, and therefore I believe that accusing me of sexism is a little unfair.


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