Doom Seekers Alert

By Talia Last edited 147 months ago
Doom Seekers Alert

For Babyshambles fans out there, there must be a certain amount of doom felt everytime the band announce a new gig. Off you go to buy your ticket, knowing that in all likelyhood the band won't show up, or will and then just dick about on stage.

So it's with great pleasure that we inform you of your latest doom outing, as Doherty announces that Babyshambles will be appearing at Koko on Thursday at Club The eNeMEy. They are promising new material but fingers crossed for anything material.

Tickets are miraculously still on sale, so if you're a doom seeker then get £14 ready go here.

Babyshambles aside, the night also features Dustin's Bar Mitzvah, Selfish C*nt, Lefthand, The Delphian Complex and Vanlustbader so we're sure you'd have a good night anyway.

Last Updated 22 March 2006


Mr Warren Ellis:

Days like this, I almost understand
the appeal of Pete Doherty. A
confused junkie who doesn't make
records, for confused people who
don't buy records. Reality tv made
flesh: someone who exists only as
a series of photos, interviews, press
releases and arrests, on a scripted
spiral down to, not destruction,
because we wouldn't be that lucky,
but to non-newsworthiness. The
classic pop musician's career path
without actually having to get
through a gig or release albums. A
prime icon of early 21C media/art
disaffection: but Mum, he doesn't
even play any songs to make you
angry! He just turns up places and
nods out! He's like Paris Hilton with
a crack pipe! And he doesn't
encourage kids to take drugs because
he can't speak for that long!

Better that than fucking Coldplay.


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