Save The Hoodie

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Save The Hoodie

People of Britain - do you feel victimised by your government for your choice of sweater? Do you worry that the infamous Bluewater shopping precinct hoodie ban is just the beginning, and that middle class conservatism is alienating the youth of today? If this summer’s events in Elephant and Castle are anything to go by, you’re not the only one…

Fear not, because help is at hand! Wembley’s mouthy MC, Lady Sovereign, has taken it upon herself to save the hooded from extinction, by launching It’s a ‘national treasure’, apparently.

As the more cynical among you will have already guessed, this boils down to a thinly-veiled publicity campaign for Lady Sov’s forthcoming track, Hoodie, due out on 21st November. Nevertheless, it draws attention to a frankly preposterous bit of unresolved governmental blamethrowing that remains ripe for lampooning. To quote Sovereign:

"If someone commits a crime it’s not about what they are wearing, it’s about the person wearing it, a criminal is a criminal no matter what they wear…Don’t blame the innocent hoodie, you should be able to wear what you want!"

Point well made. Readers - support your local youths! Head over to and sign the petition. Lady Sov promises to deliver it herself. You go, girl.

Last Updated 06 October 2005

Adrian R

“If someone commits a crime it’s not about what they are wearing, it’s about the person wearing it, a criminal is a criminal no matter what they wear…Don’t blame the innocent hoodie, you should be able to wear what you want!”

Reminds me of the gun lobby's, guns don't kill people, people do! Not pretending the parallel is anywhere near as serious or plausible, but let's face it, hoodies and bb caps are in fashion for one reason - to protect your identity from CCTV. These little fuckers need to join society and stop pissing on it at every chance. They aint going to do that whilst living under their isolated gangsta rap hoods pretending they're big time.

Rant over.

Rob Fletcher

If I'm not mistaken it's not the government that has banned hooded tops it's Bluewater. The two things are in no way comparable. The former would be a ridiculous affront to civil liberties the latter is no more 'wrong' than you asking people to put out their cigarettes and take off their dirty shoes before they come in your house.


Except that John Prescott openly supported Bluewater's move:


So Adrian, what you're saying is that all people who wear 'gangsta rap hoods' are trying to hide from cctv!??? So what about the 5 year olds that wear hoodies these days? are they criminals? If we see someone wearing a hoodie we should assume they're bad in some way? Er....i'm confused, i own hoodies, i'm sure that more than 50% of people have worn one, so does that mean we're all trying to hide from cctv?

Alexandre Gomez

Are we in the same city/country? You dont then live in a street in norf London where charming little f****s hang around in groups with their faces hidden from the CCTV at the end of the street - mainly so they can rip off parked cars and/or hound some poor old bids in the house opposite - who know nothing about fashion and couldnt care less. these poor old loves are scared witless because they cant see the boys faces and find it intimidating - it isnt because they think hoodies look 'daft'... or about 5 year olds rights!

The government isnt banning hoodies - its one shopping centres attempt to stop gangs of yoofs from pissing people off, shoplifting and not getting nicked cos noone can identify them. I only WISH they could ban them from north London - if i hear a police officer tell me one more time my cars been ripped off, its on film, but we cant ID him - jezuz. Come ON!!


Banning hoodies is just an cheap and nasty fix. It doesn't address the actual problem, i.e. why are these kids acting in an anti-social manner, it's just targeting one easily identifiable aspect that the ill informed can relate too.

It's not a solution, it's politics...


I used to wear a hood and base ball cap to protect my id from CCTV when I went out tagging, this doesn't mean my cousin who also wears a bb cap is doing the same thing.

Get real.

It's the person not the clothing.

Lydia dorrill

O think its rely stopid banin the hoody, every1 wears them and wat u wear dosent affect whu u r!!!!!!!!!!I LOVE LADY SOVREIGN!!!!!

Jo woodward

i think its good that the government has banned hoodies, it stops hulagons stealing and bein horrible to retards like me, lol, joking, GO LADY SOVREIGN!!!!!!!

Jo woodward

btw i dont agree with it i thin its ballshit!!! hehe!!!!

bethany thomas

I used to be scared of going to blue water but now i feel realy safe going there, because there are not chavs that are going to beat me up! Thanks Tony!!!!!

lydia d

blue waters shit now u cnt steal anythin

lydia d

Im only joking, lol, i aint dun anythin like that, ever, i think tony is rite!!!!

Lydia dorrill

yoyoyo, its me again, lydia d the government aint got nuthin on me, and im a great mc, lol, nyway, yer the hoodies should so not b nt aloud, boy, dya get me!!!!!!!!!!


i fink wot da golden oldes r doing is totald out of order.The government dont know what the r on.i dont think they ken wit the protests will be like.i think we should all have a voice.even me kyle fa largs in scotland.plz save da hoody


all of da boys an girls fa largs will 100% back da save da hoody kyle and big ecki r deff suffortin it.

shady b

why should you ban the hoody's give us youths 1 reason just 1 reason y? were nt harming any one wearing a hoody its not like its a crime to put your hood up is it. the hoods stop the wind an rain from makin you cold and wet so you should give us youths some respect an not BAN OUR HOODY'S!!!!


I'm from Washington, DC and my hoodies are like my uniform. I would cry if they banned hoodies here, I hope they don't ban yours.


wots the point in banning the hoodie it aint the hoodie making the crimes its just the people who decide they wont to do a crime not the hoodie the hoodie it a bit of clothing we wear to keep warm not a criminals outfit everyone i no who wears a hoodie do not go round doing crime cus they wearing one so SAVE DA HOODIE! Nottz!!!!!!!!


save the hoodies respect peace out bizzle luvin da uk n da hoodies

matt aitkenhead

The govermnent's clutching at straws to blame their own Policing failiures...Tony Blair and Gordon have sort arms and deep pockets. So Hoodys get bad press and shop owners freak out. The other day a lady closed the door on me to her shop before I could walk in becuase I was wearing a hoody. I'm like "Maaaan! I'm a 26 year old business man, not a kid. A few weeks ago I was invited to Downing Street as one of teh UK's young entrepreneurs and I saw Lady Sov there...Gordon didn't have a problem with her wearing her hoody there...pure double standards"
In the Times today there's an article (I have if anyone wants it) on how Roman Emporers used to wear whats the friggin crack, seriously! Its getting right up my schnozzz



cumberland school

let da hoodies wher da stuff man
bless xxxxxxxxx

cumberland school

let da hoodies wher da stuff man
bless xxxxxxxxx


hoodies, yeah, they're threatening but it all depends on the face behind the mask- or rather under the hood. if a 30 year old woman walking down a street pushing a pram was wearing a hoodie, you wouldn't feel threatened, would you? but if a 30 year old woman wielding a baton came at me down the street shouting then yeah, i'd feel threatened. you can't discriminate an entire generation because of one gang that exists and gets their kicks out of bullying people. this isn't a solution - all the government are trying to do is to decrease 'yob culture' in britain but that depends on attitude changes - give them behaviour lessons or something productive - that's what will change the 'youth of today', not banning hoodies. if anything, that will just fuel anger. and take my word for it - i'm a part of this generation - i'm 15.


Just cos I wear a hoodie doesn't make me a yob. Yeah, I do have the hood up most of the time even if the weathers nice, but so what?
It's my choice if I don't wanna be seen, so if anyone tells you to take your hood down without good reason, tell em where to go!

Ahmad (Newcastle)

Save The Hoodie!


Aint it great to see all da youngsters, from kids up to teens and beyond not scared of wearin there hoods up?
Lets keep em up boys an girls and stuff anyone tellin us to take em down.
I keep mine up all da time, do the same and be united!


ye boi this is a stortofrd boi repping in up 4 stortford save the hoodie init screw any1 trying to ban it. if i wernt 4 the hoodie wed all be grebs listing to crappy rock music


stortford boi


ye boi this is a stortofrd boi repping in up 4 stortford save the hoodie init screw any1 trying to ban it. if i wernt 4 the hoodie wed all be grebs listing to crappy rock music


stortford boi


Adrian R, you are indeed right in your Statement....Guns DON'T kill people.....NIGGERS DO!!! Simple really...shame the do-gooders can't see it!!!


i wear a hoody all the time....i see people cross the road, i mean grown adults, just to get past me...if i walk into a shop im constantly watched, even if my hood isnt up, the other day i got on the bus and i could tell everyone was shit scared incase i stabbed some one or shot some one i fink if your gunna judge some one by what they wear and the music they listen to then you deserve to be one of the people that gets stabbed or shot by a person wearin a hoody see the more adults that are scared, the more power us youths have got, and that means we can do what we like without anyone stopping us

and adrian mate you can fuck rite off you DICK HEAD theres plenty of other ways to not get seen by CCTV....wearin a hoody is just 1....i tink your just angry cos maybe you wasnt part of the cool had to hang with the fuckin emos n shit...maybe you got bullied by them cos your a fuckin twat i dont no but stop being a scared little man and grow up mate i bet every time you see a hoody you cross the road, keep ya head down...dont make eye contact.....but suddenly on here your all like yea stop the little fuckers n shit, you wouldnt dare say that to any one of us and you know it fuckin pussy

anyway essay over im goin out, wearin my hood up n causin trouble.....what else is there to do, fuck going to gay little youth clubs....running from the police is so much fun lol