Suicide Attempt At The British Museum?

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Suicide Attempt At The British Museum?

We're hearing rumours here at Londonist that someone has, this afternoon, attempted to kill themselves in the British Museum.

From what we're hearing the person jumped from the South Portico, up by the Reading Room in the Great Court.

The mystery jumper is by all accounts still alive, but that's all we know. More as we get it.

First Harvey Nich's and now this, what's going on? Isn't this kind of only supposed to happen when it's really hot?

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I work there, yes we did have a suicide "attempt" and sadly he succeeded. Caused us alot of problems and distress. Buisness as usual today though, great court floor is cleaned up.


Sad but true, I also work at the museum and was working in the area when it happened. It's been on my mind a lot since the event. It's sad when somebody feels that suicide is their only option. A lot of people think that suicide is a cowards way out of whatever problems that you may be facing but I actually think that it must have been a very tough decision to make because it goes against your most basic instinct which is to stay alive. How many people can honestly say that they have never, even for a split second contemplated suicide at some point in their life? I'll bet not that many, I know I have.
Everybody has different breaking points and I guess this guy whoever he was for whatever reason reached his. The images of his broken body on the floor of the great court will stay with me for a long time and sadly it'll be the same for the vistors to the museum on that day (some of them with children) who had to witness it.


I do feel sorry for the guy - to get to such a low point that suicide seems the only option must be awful. However, having seen at first hand the effect it's had on visitors and staff, I can't help but wish he hadn't chosen such a public place. My condolences to his family, and my sympathies to anyone who had to witness his death.

Wendy from Malaysia

Oh dear, sad to know that he did succeed. I was at the museum (my first ever visit) and saw his body on the ground with a few people trying to help him. Thought he survived when I saw the ambulance leaving the premises.
That, compounded with the stress of being crammed up at the back of the museum with a huge crowd clamouring to be let out (apparently the staff said we were not allowed to leave the premises) will remain one of my not-so-nice memories of London.
I was also right outside Harvey Nichols at 8pm when the police cars came screaming up the road and blocked the entrance. Can't say that my trip to London has been "uneventful".
My condolences to the family and friends of the deceased.


According to the London Police, it was a young man (about 19 years old) from Spain. He jumped forcefully and landed 12 feet from the entrance of the great court.
The security guards in the museum I have talked to, expressed the opinion that if he chose to end his life, he should have done it in a way that would not have distressed so many people.


I can confirm that the person that I jump from the great court last 14th was Spanish, it he had 29 years and that has expired. I am a friend of the family and I would like if someone who attended the fact can give me more details of the event. Thank you


The small window above the entrance to the court is where the man jumped from:


Dear Lee: Did you see how my friend jumped?, was alone?. Thank you very much for the attention you granted