Smoke Magazine - Number 6

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Smoke Magazine - Number 6

We don't mention Smoke Magazine enough on Londonist.

Maybe we just take it for granted that everyone who reads this website will be picking it up anyway, or maybe because it's a quarterly it slips under our radar sometimes. But it shouldn't do because it's a great little publication and if you haven't read it before then now's the time to start because issue number 6 just came out and it's a doozy.

Take this excerpt from an an article entitled Naked in Dalston by Ben Kersley:

Last summer, Euro 2004, making a nod towards male bonding, I invited a load of friends over to watch the opening England game. Ten minutes in, I looked around and not a single eye was on the match.

"You know you’ve got a naked woman opposite?"

"I know," I said.

You just don't get stuff like that anywhere else do you?

Other stuff in Smoke no 6 includes an article on Briggs the Babers in St James's, short fiction by CK Gilchrist, a piece on the Millennium Bridge by Matt Haynes, the unmissable Bus of the Month, plus the usual poems, drawing and photography.

Issue 6 of Smoke costs £2 and is avalaible at these stockists.

Last Updated 28 September 2005

harvey keitel

just came out? it's been out for blimmin' months! slow news day? well done for flagging it up thought, it's a great little London fanzine.


Ah, perhaps the naked woman the Smoke excerpt refers to is the Naked Crack Whore, formerly of Finsbury Park. She's one of those great London characters like Sinners and Winners Man and the bloke who cycles around blaring Tarzan and horse noises from a loudspeaker. I love this city.

Andrew Gallix

Hi there, a bit of self-promotion, but we interviewed the editors of Smoke a year ago. The interview is here. Keep up the good work: