Freedom Bags Revisited

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Freedom Bags Revisited

Remember Freedom Bags? We had a post on them not so long ago, where we basically wrote them off as a not very good idea.

In case you don't remember, the basic idea of Freedom Bags was to produce transparent rucksacks which commuters could use to prove they "were no threat".

After the post, our friends over at the London Underground blog picked up on the whole Freedom Bags idea, and seemed to have much the same reaction we did. However what they did next is really above and beyound the blogging call of duty: they went and interviewed the man behind Freedom Bags, Bob Fitzjohn.

Bob had contacted the blog to defend his postion on Freedom Bags, and it makes for interesting reading. Here's a quick excerpt:

"But don't you think we've got to a sad state of affairs where Asian men feel that they have to carry transparent bags? I hate it" said Bob.

"Yes, so do I. But I would hate it so much that I wouldn't be selling bags like yours in the first place." I replied.

Well said that blogger.

Rather tellingly, Bob also refuses to say how many Freedom Bags have been sold, although he does express some surprise that of all his orders " from around the UK and around the world", he's had very few from London itself.

Can't think why Bob.

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Annie - London Underground Blo

The funniest thing about the whole thing - asking us of all people whether we travelled to his office by Tube. He was talking to the guy who organised Tube Relief who with 64 others spent 20 hours travelling round the tube to show they weren's afraid and also to raise money for the bombing victims (£11K so far already sent to the fund) and me a person who blogs about travelling on the tube every day. It was a bizarre evening and a surreal experience.