Totally Vacuous Celeb' Story Of The Week

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Totally Vacuous Celeb' Story Of The Week

Yes it's another of those 'US celebrity flies over to London and does something outstandingly bizarre' stories, and amazingly enough this one doesn't feature Mariah Carey.

This time it's badger-faced starlet Tara Reid who's casuing all the ruckus.

According to reports, Ms Reid is in town filming her reality TV show Wild on Tara (we can't wait either).

While checked in to the Baglioni Hotel Reid apparently "booked herself into one of the most expensive suites at around £2,000 (€2,930) a night but then requested a second room to to keep all her shoes."

A hotel 'insider' is quoted as saying "She said she'd collected all these shoes while she'd been travelling around Europe, but quite why she has to house them separately remains a mystery."

Channel 5 are now beleived to be interested in approaching Tara with a new reality series pitch to be entitled 'Tara Reid: crazy as a bag of bees'.

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the show is called "taradise" and they are already airing it in america - it is actually one of the worst reality shows ever. so far she has gone to spain for the running of the bulls and spent some time in monte carlo as well - reid is one of the most painful celebrities to watch as she searches out culture (read: the best night clubs and bars) and love (read: hook ups with random europeans)....