Pre-Booking For Open House London Starts Today

By Rob Last edited 154 months ago
Pre-Booking For Open House London Starts Today
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Just a gentle reminder that the pre-booking starts today for some of the more popular locations in the 2005 Open House London .

As we mentioned at the start of the month the actual event isn't for a month or so yet (17-18 September), but as it's free the most popular sites inevitably go very very quickly so you might want to get in there early to try and secure a spot.

According to their press release this year's Open House will include:

The award-winning Gibbs Building, new HQ of the Wellcome Trust designed by Hopkins Architects; the new glass-walled landmark building Queen Mary College, Institute of Cell & Molecular Science, with its dramatic interior designed by Alsop Architects / Amec as well as private residences, government buildings, contemporary offices, historical houses, arts spaces and Institutions, medical centres and school exemplars.

So good luck getting tickets and see you in September.

Last Updated 15 August 2005

Paul Mison

Nice of you to put a picture of 30 St Mary Axe up when it's not part of Open House.

Nice of London Open House to fleece people for three quid for the PDF- and if you don't pay and wait for it to get to the libraries, as you say, booking for the events will all be done.

What happened to the kinder, gentler time- just three years ago- when the Guardian or Evening Standard would give away copies of the guide, free?

john k

30 St Mary Axe is part of open house, you just have to queue. You can book online for some of these buildings using this link:

Paul Mison

It's not in the PDF. Given how crap the rest of their website is, I'm not persuaded that they haven't left last year's database in, incorrectly.

Robert John Kaper

Wicked, I'm in London that weekend for two gigs. Was planning to head to Brighton for some snogg.. erm shopping on the Sunday but if 30 St Mary Axe is openening doors I'll have to reconsider!


Yup, this is dumb. How the hell are you supposed to find out what buildings are involved? Is there a free list somewhere? I'm not paying for a PDF!


It would help if certain corporate firewalls didn't block the site on the basis that it falls under the category of "Personals and Dating". Jesus.


The full list is up on the site, but not particularly well flagged.

The gherkin is there (30 St Mary Axe). Last year I had to queue 5 hours to get in (and I turned up half an hour before opening time). Think I'll go for some lower-profile places this year.