More Background on Stockwell Shooting

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More Background on Stockwell Shooting

There's an interesting special report over on the Guardian this morning about a man who was being sought by the police team who killed Jean Charles de Menezes.

Abdi Omar was a friend of bombing suspect Hussain Osman and lives in a flat above the one that de Menezes was living in. The building was under surveillance after Omar's gym membership was found in one of the bags that failed to explode - Omar had lent the membership card to Osman. When de Menezes left the building on the morning of his death the surveillance officer was in the bathroom which led to the Brazilian being confused for Mr Omar.

After things went so very wrong armed police raided the home of Mr Omar's estranged wife:

The family said three plain-clothes officers with submachine guns surrounded his wife, Aziza Hassan, the couple's 12-year-old son, and her 74-year-old mother as they emerged from their home off Harrow Road, west London. "She suffered a heart attack, and although she is now out of hospital, she needed heart surgery," said Mr Omar. Scotland Yard would not comment, other than to confirm that a complaint was being investigated.

Mr Omar returned to the UK two weeks ago and contacted the police who by then seemed less concerned with him as a suspect. "They questioned me like they weren't interested. They asked me: 'Why do you think we are suspecting you?' I said: 'I don't know'. By this time they knew all about the gym card, and they told my lawyer later that they were not interested in me."

Yesterday the Guardian reported that the police are expecting a bumpy ride as the investigation continues...

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Bathroom?? Bathroom!! No, no, no. This will not do. He was not anywhere near the bathroom. (There was probably nobody in de Menezes' bathroom when he left the flat.)

I am shocked to discover that this blog is written by a bunch of yanks! Let's be clear: on this side of the pond we refer to it as taking a leak or having a piss (if we want to be polite). We never, never, refer to our toilets as bathrooms.


Sorry Bryan - I'm 100% British as are the majority of the other Londonist writers and I use the word 'bathroom' all the time.

Now shouldn't your name be spelled 'Brian'?


You have clearly been watching too much American TV. Seek treatment. Every true Brit knows that there is no bath in a public toilet.

You know that the name Bryan is a real name. Don't be a stupid twat now.


Easy Bryan - we were only nudging you in the ribs.

I had a quick word with the other Londonists and so far most of us actually do say 'bathroom' no matter which part of the country we originally hail from.

Except for one of our American writers who has been forcing himself not to use the word bathroom and is now perlexed by the whole thing.

The Guardian opted for relieving himself so maybe we'll just go for that next time round.


Bryan has an interesting point. I might refer to the little room in my house or a friend's house as the bathroom, but I would never refer to a public convenience as a bathroom. Mike, I bet you get funny looks when you ask the people at the railway station for directions to the bathroom?


Sorry guys - Of course I agree with you on public toilets not being called bathrooms, but I can't find anywhere a public toilet mentioned in relation to the above story. I assumed that the police officer was inside while taking his "toilet break" hence the term bathroom but I may be wrong. Feel free to point me elsewhere and I'll correct the story. Cheers.