Man Arrested Over Bus Stabbing

By Rob Last edited 153 months ago
Man Arrested Over Bus Stabbing

Just a very quick update on the murder of Richard Whelan last week:

A 20-year-old man was apparently arrested in Walton-on-Thames today in connection with the stabbing.

There are no other details available as yet.

16:58: Bit of an update. The suspect is apparently being held at a station in east London, and police are still asking for witnesses, especially people who were on a second No 43 bus which was nearby.

Last Updated 05 August 2005

Jo Oakley

I really hope they've got the right guy.

Richard Whelan's death was so tragic and unnecessary and really makes me wonder about the city I'm living in. :-(


Yes, it was a peculiarly cruel and awful crime. The account in the Guardian was blood-chilling.

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