K-9 Dusted Off

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K-9 Dusted Off

The hype around season two (or season 28 if you want to be anorakish about the whole thing) of Doctor Who is building.

The BBC are reporting that K-9 is being dragged back into the fold. No news yet that they're going to update the thing with modern jiggery pokery so we'll keep our fingers crossed that he'll be as loveably crap as we remember. He's only in the one episode, but one of out favourite companions, Sarah Jane Smith, is also back in the TARDIS.

This makes us feel better about the recent news that the production team has handed over the reigns to a nine year old Blue Peter viewer. Bet he still makes a better monster than those farting Slitheen things.

Buffy and Little Britain star Anthony Head is also somehow involved in the new season. There's a rumour doing the rounds that he may be the new incarnation of The Master after some test footage was mentioned involving Head and the late Antony Ainley. Now that would be interesting....

We also can't quash the rumour that the TARDIS is to be renamed TARDIC (Time And Relative Dimensions In Cardiff) seeing as the bloody thing seems to have a Welsh fixation.

They'd better not screw up the Cybermen.

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Matt Ashby

It's hardly surprising they've got a Welsh fixation - the programme's made by BBC Wales (which is based in, erm, Cardiff).

BBC Wales have published a location guide.

Some of the few bits of the show that are filmed in London are the scenes outside Rose's flat - they're done on the Brandon Estate in Kennington (which is why our local newsagent was adorned with tinsel a few weeks ago for the upcoming Christmas special).


I understand that BBC Wales made the damn thing and that it's filmed in Cardiff, but if it was made by BBC Uranus and filmed there I'd still expect a little diversity in setting. Blakes Seven may have used the same quarry over and over again, but at least they 'pretended' it was someplace else each week.

Few bits? Do you know how bored I am with seeing Rose's stupid family, stupid flat and stupid boyfriend on a regular basis.

He's not a doctor anymore - he's a bloody social worker.

badly dubbed boy

Oh c'mon. When BBC Drama/Network/London made the bloody show, almost everything that happened was set within 25 miles of London, and usually West London, at that - and people didn't bleat then.

Rose's blasted family are Londoners anyway, so it's meant to be London. The fact it's filmed in some Cardiff council estate that looks a lot like a London council estate is neither here nor there, I'd imagine.