Hate Crime up by 600%

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Hate Crime up by 600%

Following the bombings and attempted bombings of the last month London has seen a a rise in reported hate crimes including both verbal and physical assaults as well as criminal damage to buildings including Mosques. According to Scotland Yard there were 269 "religious hate" crimes, compared with 40 in the same period last year.

Such attacks spiked just after both the 7th and 21st of July and while we were expecting those of little brain to lash out with little or no understanding, the sheer numbers are sobering. Londonist worries how many more incidents remain unreported.

At a time when communities should be striving to come together it seems some would rather reinforce the differences and attack blindly those that are as much victims as anyone else in the capital.

Sadly it's also being reported elsewhere in the UK and even California has seen hate related incidents rise 39% on last year.

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Technically, there was a 600% increase in hate crimes reported to the police, yes? At lease some of that must be due to better reporting. RIght?


If that's true it suggests that a lot more hate crime is generally committed. This figure seems high because a lot of this stuff wasn't reported correctly earlier in the year? Hardly heart warming.

Interestingly it seems that racist and anti-Semitic incidents fell in the same period. Seems the knuckle draggers have simply moved from their regular racism to focus on the new 'threat'.



No, it's not heartwarming, but the steep rise should be reported in the context of the drive by civil rights organisations (I know that's an American term but I can't think of the British equivalent right now) to get people to report such crimes.

The crimes are still wrong, but the sudden rise is only indirectly connected to the London bombings.


I thought, "political correctness", existed only in America...