Dodi And Diana - The Real Tragedy

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Dodi And Diana - The Real Tragedy
dodi and diana.jpg

There's not really a lot we can say about this is there really?

We can't even stand to look at this image for too long, it makes our eyes hurt.

Suffice to say this monstrosity was commissioned by Mohamed al Fayed (obviously), it's going to end up in Harrods eventually, and it's intended to show "the couple holding hands and gazing into each other's eyes beneath a soaring albatross - a symbol of eternity and good fortune. Diana is wearing a dress with a plunging neckline, while Dodi's shirt is unbuttoned to reveal a bare chest."

If you want more details (though we can't think why you would), you can read them here. And if you seriously want to punish your retinas for something there's a whole gallery of pictures here.

Last Updated 25 August 2005

Colin Gregory Palmer

Ouch, that does hurt the eyes so. The sculpters made them look like a gay couple, with Diana as the fem.


Have a close look at picture 7 - is it just me or did the sculptor mould Diana a little too much in his own image....

john k

Is the albatross meant to represent Charles? or the Monarchy?


Is this like House of Wax with al Fayed in the Vincent Price role?

They should have got Professor Gunther von Hagens to sort out a proper shop display.


I always thought an albatross was bad luck. Like the doomed poet/bird in the Baudelaire poem, trapped forever between heaven and earth, unable either to achieve transcendence or to exist fully on the mortal plane. What is Fayed trying to say?!

Oh yes, and that is a seriously ugly sculpture, but wonderfully kitsch (like the oil painting of the royal family of Monaco in the palace in Monte Carlo, which manages simultaneously to be the best and the worst painting ever). It'll be a new cult landmark, mark my words.


Reminds me of the carbonated Han Solo from Empire Strikes Back/Jedi.

Oh please God, don't let me be closer to the truth than I suspect.


Are we all sure that Jeff Koons isn't somehow involved?


Did Dodi do Di the day Did died?

... sorry.

Nigel Pond

Excuse me while I puke! I am not a big fan of the Royal Family, but this is the most tasteless thing I have seen a long time. These "statues" don't even look like Di and Dodi. I hope someone spays paint over them or perpetrates some other act of vandalism on them. The Di and Dodi shrine in Harrods is bad enoughm but Al Fayed has gone too far this time.

Tara S

I saw this monstrosity in person today. I couldn't take my eyes off of it.

Lis Riba

OMG! It looks like the back cover of the last Harry Potter book. That sculpture in the Ministry of Magic that is so overdone that it deserves to be destroyed in the battle with Voldemort...


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