London Bombings Update

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London Bombings Update
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A quick rundown of all the latest news stories connected to the London bombings:

As you've probably read by now Pakistan security forces have arrested a British Muslim in connection with the bombings. This was part of a sweep of arrests across the country during which at least 25 people were detained.

In connection with this the Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf will make an address on Thursday explaining the government's "crackdown on Islamic militants".

Menawhile the Egyptian chemist who was arrested in Cairo recently in connection with the attacks has been released.

Ken is right in the middle of things again after his defence of Muslim cleric Yusuf al-Qaradawi who is due speak at a conference in Manchester next month and his explanantion that "Western foreign policy in the Middle East" is partially to blame for the attacks.

And it seems the public agree with Ken: A poll, commissioned by the Guardian, found 33 percent of UK adults "think Blair bears 'a lot' of responsibility for the London bombings", while 31 percent says he bears a 'a little’ responsibility.

The train at Edgware Road station has now been removed, and although the site is still being treated a site of a criminal investigation police are hopeful that the station will be returned to London Underground by the end of the week.

The train at Russell Square is still in the tunnel but the train at Aldgate station had been removed. The the Circle and District lines which pass through Aldgate and Edgware are expected to resume normal service within two weeks.

Full service will not be restored to the Piccadilly Line for several weeks.

Last Updated 20 July 2005


Blair is kidding himself when he says that the Iraq War did not increase the risk of terrorist attacks in Britain. Obviously it increased the risk (though it's just as obvious that it didn't cause the risk--jihadists have wanted to kill us and other infidels for a while). That said, the responsibility for the murders lie with the murderers. I can only see "blaming" Blair for the deaths if you take it as a given that there are evil jihadists who are so crazy/evil/brainwashed/whatever that they can't be held morally responsible for their actions. Putting the responsibility at Blair's feet sidesteps the moral agency of the killers. Maybe it's easier to blame Blair, though, because then we think our fate is in our hands, rather than partly in the hands of terrorists (i.e., maybe if we just don't do anything to upset those crazy jihadists and give in to their demands then we'll be ok....). The moral blame lies with the killers and those who helped them. End of story.

What's been upsetting is that even the "moderate" Muslim leaders equivocate when it comes to suicide bombings of civilians in Iraq and Israel.


I didn't vote for Blair, I don't support the war. Can I and the millions like me be excused from any further terrorist attacks please???


maybe the young muslim terrorists should consider blowing themselves up in Sudan/Niger capitals etc. These places are where the most muslims are being unfairly killed, starved, expulsed, discriminated against, and tortured .Compared to these crimes the injustices in Iraq,Afghanistan are peanuts. This happens at the hand of oter arab muslims. First clean up your house before you preach on others.