London Bombing Arrests

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London Bombing Arrests

Londonist has been showing relativists around London so we missed the latest news on the terrorists...

Thank the gods for Jon Snow:

Well amazing scenes in West London. In a way we've entered a new media age let alone a new age of capturing people suspected of attempting to bomb.

Because I mean the world and his wife have been telephoning from blocks surrounding the drama reporting on what they can see from the Peabody Estate balconies. They've been recording the police commands on their mobile phones - "Come out in your underpants" and sure enough that's exactly what happened.

These men whose photos have blitzed their way across the world suddenly appear neo-naked in the balcony on the ramparts of an improving social housing estate beyond Shepherd's Bush.

It's almost too banal and yet so shocking. This mundane simple thirties brick block with normal west London mix of folk living there suddenly sports two people accused of trying to kill hundreds.

So now three of the four suspected attempted bombers have been found. And in the past few minutes we're hearing out of Rome that the fourth suspect may also have been picked up.....that's what the Italian Interior Ministry is saying. We await further word from Scotland yard. It seems to be pretty good policing but still, the uncertainty lurks that we don't really know if what we've seen is but a fraction of what may still be out there.

Down on the other side of the world poor Mr Menezes is laid to rest in a wooden box - he was shot by police in Stockwell Tube station in the mistaken belief he was a potential suicide bomber. There is something somehow sour about the enthusiasm with which they have talked about his questionable legal status here as if that in some way makes his death less painful.

We'll have more on this once we've got the ice cream stains off our shirts, got the childrenists hooked up to the PS2 and actually had time to watch the news.

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It must be annoying this particular story has finished so soon and the police baiting sport is over. Perhaps the shooting incident can be milked dry for a few more blogs. Every dog has it day.

Me, I think the police have done well and get my thanks. Go visit the memorial at the top of the Mall to 4,000 police killed on duty and reset your sights.

8 bombers down, 7,992 to go.

Go say thank-you to a copper tomorrow.


Yes, that's right. Criticising the Police for killing an innocent man is the same as criticising every Police officer who ever served EVER. The next time one of our fellow citizens is gunned down in cold blood, we should all get down on our knees and thank Sir Ian Blair for providng us worthless citizens with a Police force that is incapable of any mistakes! Because obviously the life of Mr De Menezes is nought compared with the Police officers who have died in utterly unrelated circumstances.

I, for one, will stop asking any questions now and forever. Especially awkward ones.

Vote Nordfire!


Go visit the memorial at the top of the Mall to 4,000 police killed on duty

Thanks for the tip Robert but we did just that a few weeks ago:

And yep the story is all finished... no need to ask why they were setting bombs off in the first place or anything like that.

EDIT: I then implied you'd be better off reading a tabloid. For that I apologise because as Nick pointed out below it was a cheap shot.


Hey, if you want your opinions to be taken seriously, it follows you have to take comments fairly. The guy's comment was fair enough, your response was not. Much as I disagree with your opinions, I respect them - that kind of comment though just makes you sound like any idiot in a pub.


"Perhaps the shooting incident can be milked dry for a few more blogs."

Perhaps it can Robert.

Annoying that some people have high standards isn't it? The way they caught these men was great (and good PR work having ITV with them). I'm grateful. Should we be thankful for the innocent man being shot? No. You think we're trying to milk some kind of glory from police mistakes? I for one never want to see that kind of negligence in our police force. And neither do they I'm sure.

So yes... let's keep talking for once. Let’s keep talking long after the mainstream media lose ratings because the story isn't news. I have an idea...why don't we keep talking till we come up with something? Anyone have a problem with that? Do we even know how to do that anymore?

Oh forget it…fuck it…you’re right Robert…. Hey! Look who got kicked out of the big brother house! Yayyyyy! That one’s my favorite… Honey? I just had the strangest dream…


"""Every dog has it day."""

and what the fuck is that?


Hope when I have "my day" that it doesn't end first thing in the morning with a bullet or a bomb.


Nick - agreed, noted, edited and apologised. I shouldn't have tagged Robert with the Sun-reader slur simply because he sounded like one and I was tired.


No worries - keep up the good work with the site.


Watching the news today, those guys wet their pampers when the police turned up. Guess it takes a particular kind of bravery to build a nail bomb and then strip down to pants when the Bill turns up. So much for dying for Allah an coping the virgins in return.


Indeed. It's over now to the civil libertarians to get them acquitted for an unfair press headline.

Lots of hand wringing at the Londonist on how to cover this. Must be a good craic to html yeh?

The Sun, a tabloid - "Got The Bastards"


We're saving the hand wringing for when the old fashioned hand dryers in the Londonist toilets finally pack in.

If we were to cover it we'd probably point out that The Sun is a piece of shit and if they fuck up the occasional trial with their 'coverage' it matters less to them than selling the paper.

And please 'Henry' - pick a name and stick to it. It's getting old watching your IP address turn up all over the place with a new 'disguise' to voice your disapproval of the website.

Like with so many things in your life there is an OFF button and other shiny things elsewhere to garner your interest.