Less-ter Square

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Less-ter Square

Imagine it. You go to Leicester Square on a friday night, you buy a beer, then you go and see a film with a tub of popcorn and a soft drink and you still have change out of a fiver.

A madman's dream, you might think. But no.

Long-time Londonist friends the Prince Charles Cinema are hosting a whole month's worth of "Feel-Good Fridays" when - get this - films, cokes, beers, popcorn, and ... mmmm ... ice cream, are all just £1 each.

Folks, London doesn't get any cheaper. We're sorry to rave, but this offer really does deserve it.

The offer runs from Friday 22 July and does not include the Singalongas. But then, if you've invested in a nun outfit, you've already gotten into the habit of spending money.

Last Updated 15 July 2005


That is a *dreadful* pun. I hope you're ashamed of yourself.


Oh, very. ;-)


Has the shade of Richard Whiteley come back to haunt us? I've never witnessed souch painful wordplay.

Mr. Smith

That nun bit was brilliant.