King's Cross Tube Open

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King's Cross Tube Open

Just a quick post to mention that, as of this morning, King's Cross tube station is open for the Metropolitan, Northern and Victoria lines.

The Circle, District and Hammersmith and City lines won't be up an running "for a number of days" however, and service on the Piccadilly line will remain suspended between Arnos Grove and Hyde Park Corner "for the foreseeable future".

Last Updated 18 July 2005

Eugene Davis

Some folks here in the U.S.A. are getting stirred up! They have finally had enough and aren't going to take it any more! They are beginning to become activists and speaking out.No, it's not about the war, the government, the environment or anything
of real importance, it's about the Harry Potter book. You know "witchcraft" and "Satan", and that sort of stuff. They rally around condemning a child's book.

Meanwhile we are willing to overlook the facts that point the the theft of the last two presidential elections. We choose to ignore that the
non elected president has taken us into wars based on out right lies. We don't want to know that even now, Bush is planning his next war with Iran. We refuse to except that evidence points to White House involvement and cover up of the September 11, 2001 attacks on America. We overlook the Downing Street Memos, and that Karl Rove leaked Valerie Plame/Wilson's identity to the press, and that this leaking classified information is a crime. We overlook the fact that the Bush administration is using Depleted Uranium in Iraq that will kill many
hundreds of thousands more people,including our own troops.

We sure won't consider that the London bombings may not be as presented by our corporate media. We won't dare ask why did a new father and a soon to be father blow themselves up, and how about the young man that blew up with a surprised look on his face as he looked in the pack and discovered that his backpack contained a real bomb? No, we wouldn't
dare consider that the bombers could have been hapless folks paid to participate in the DRILL that Visor Consultants were conducting that very morning, and was taking place at the very time and stations that were actually bombed. No, we don't care! After all we didn't care that the CIA was conducting the same type of drill on the morning of
9/11/01. We wouldn't care that these drills could be used as an excuse if the cover was prematurely blown. I mean, come on, didn't Bush tell us on
Sept. 12, 2001 that there would be "Conspiracy Theories", and we shouldn't believe them. Why should we care that the bombings took the headlines off of the Downing Street Memo's and the heat off of Tony Blair. Of course it would be ridiculous to think that we would question why the second set of London bombing happened in the middle of the day. Maybe them "terrorists" werejust being considerate and going for a minimum kill by skipping the
rush hour.... or maybe no kill, since as it turned out none of the bombs exploded. Seems to me if they really were trying to collect virgins in heaven, at least one of them would have succeeded in blowing himself up.
WOW! WEREN'T they lucky, and brave..... I mean to try something like that when security was at an such a high level. They must have been very
brave, or very certain that they were meant not to get caught. You see, even some in the British media were beginning to ask questions about the British governments story about the first bombings. (Thank God that the U.S. media doesn't ask questions.) And then the British police shoot a man on a crowded subway train that they say they thought he was wearing a bomb. Oops! So sorry, he wasn't a terrorist.

No folks, We certainly don't really want to know what is going on. Then we wouldn't be like those 400 sheep that followed their leader off a
cliff in eastern Turkey, plunging to their deaths earlier in this month of July 2005.

After all if we opened our eyes and found out that our governments were creating a phony scenario of terror to create a New World Order for the
wealthy elites, well, that would just be a realbummer.