Keeping It In Perspective: American Media Says "Death To The French!"

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Keeping It In Perspective: American Media Says "Death To The French!"

This came in too late for the online roundup.

John Gibson, a horrible little man who works for Fox News (the Der Sturmer of television), has extended his sympathies to London.

By saying that Paris should have been blown up instead.

It's nice that in a time of national and international tragedy some Americans are keeping a level head and finding it in their hearts to wish death on other innocents. Clearly, this man Gibson is deeply mentally ill and is a danger to himself and others. Presumably he has been allowed on the air as part of some sort of misguided equal-opportunities initiative.

If Gibbon still has a job a week from now, Londonist will be cross. And we won't be quiet about it.

Last Updated 08 July 2005


oh god, I'm sorry. It's Fox News. It's as right-wing and extremist as you can get. And unfortunately, I think he'll have a job next week. They're morons. Our nation clearly is big enough to contain a few idiots.


Oh, isn't that lovely. Shame on you, Mr. Gibson.


What a fuckwit. Exactly the kind of 'sympathy' we can do without, thank you very much.


oh my god. how do people like this make it past the age of 30? surely a missing safety label should have wiped him out by now...


Fucker! Apologies run rampant, Stateside.

neil in sfo

The man is an asshat, and FOX News an embarrassment.

Dustin Harri

Fox news is the most biased source in american news tv. This guy needs to be taken off the air! I hope you dont think all americans think like that...

Monsoon Dawn

A vile disgusting odious ignorant little troll.


And what's worse, he said that the day before the attacks.

Obviously, Fox News KNEW the attacks were coming.



seybernetx: He didn't say THIS before the bombings:

"The bombings in London: This is why I thought the Brits should let the French have the Olympics -- let somebody else be worried about guys with backpack bombs for a while."

George Booth

Speaking as a conservative (circa 1985, not to be confused with this latest crop of clowns who've appropriated the term), I think Gibson's comment was stupid and in EXTREMELY poor taste. But he's a wanker, anyways. Just look at his hair, and those glasses...

Apologies to all - especially Parisians.


Mike from NYC

People like that are not representative of normal, civilized Americans. I doubt I could improve upon Dawn's description. It's unfortunate that the shrill right-wingers have the loudest voices and can shout over the rest of us. It's even more unfortunate that they choose to continue to shout their unwanted invective when the rest of the world is trying to be respectfully subdued in the face of another's suffering.


Yes, Gibson's comments are stupid but no more stupid than most of the bile that comes out of the left wing/liberal media here in the US. Freedom of speech means people are free to make stupid comments as well. I may not like it, but he and idiots like Michael Moore and his ilk, have the right to their opinions.

Let's stop with the sniping over Gibson's comments and focus on the REAL enemy - those despicable, murdering bastards and the people that helped them.


I'm sorry, Kathie, but I think you'll find our outrage at the statement is more than 'sniping'. The REAL enemy is ignorance and a lack of respect for other people, and Gibson is an ignorant twat who plainly lacks respect.

As a Londoner and a Londonist, I want to see this man brought down.


Kathie: do you think we're any less focused on hunting down the bastards who did this? I think it's very important that some important Americans are wishing death on innocent Europeans. I'll say that again: this man Gibson treated innocent people in Paris as being less than human. This man should be sacked, quickly.

I'm amazed you Yanks are so happy to think what he said was OK. It wasn't, it was filth.


Sticks and stones sweetie. Get a sense of humor folks, and while you're at it get over yourselves. Stiff upper lip and all that.


In a perfect world, Gibson would be placed in the stocks.


I wonder what the extent of Katie's "sense of humor" was on September 12, 2001?


If I didn't know better, I'd suspect you of being a caricature of an American painted by Eugene to support his comment earlier.

But thanks for your contribution, Kate/Kathie/troll. It makes us appreciate the dignified and respectful response from your sane countrymen and women all the more.


Wow, it's really nice to have "Kate" tell us all to have a stiff upper lip. And that we should "Get Over Ourselves".

I can only begin to imagine the reaction a British commenter might have got if they had replied to a similar thread about 11 September in a similar manner.

But "Kate" is Queen of Calm.

By the way Kate - feel free to post more comments here, but one more bit of trolling and we get all banny on your ass.

aurora borea;os

First, let me offer my deepest condolences to the citizens of Britian..such a horror...I also wanted to share with you another little bit of crap from the FOX News in the US..
'During Fox News' coverage of the July 7 London bombings, Washington managing editor Brit Hume told host Shepard Smith that his "first thought," when he "heard there had been this attack" and saw the low futures market, was "Hmmm, time to buy." Smith had asked Hume to comment on the lack of a negative U.S. stock market reaction to the London attacks..
This crap from another one of those bloody idiots from the right wing US. They are shameless


Will, please. As far as being treated "less than human" why don't you take a look at your fellow blood covered Brits standing outstide Kings Cross or look at the photos of people jumping out of the WTC?

I NEVER said I was happy Gibson said these comments, but I will defend his and anyone else's rights to speak their minds.

Try focusing your anger at those people who put bombs on buses, trains, etc. and not on one commentator on a cable news program in another country. Honestly, if we're going to go your route then Al Jazeera should be the target, not Fox News.

Having lived through 9/11, I understand you want to lash out at things in order to try and regain some normalacy, but Gibson isn't worth your time and energy. Don't try to deal with your anger and frustration by focusing on something and someone that is relatively unimportant at this time.

Again, let's focus on the REAL enemy...the terrorists who hide behind their Muslim faith and those who help them.

Editor DFPS

Fox News is not really American media but a mulinational propaganda tool owned by Rupert Murdoch.


Kathie, I appreciate your emotion. I know we have been attacked by heartless bastards whose only interest is slaughter. Your suggestion I am not angry with the people who attempted to kill my fellow Londoners is deeply offensive. You can criticise the politics and worldview of this blog all you want. just don't do it for the next few days, OK?

The last thing we need is more war.


Will. I never said not to be angry. What I said was that we all need to focus that anger toward the goal of finding out who did this and stopping it from happening again, not on some stupid talking heads.

I do know what you're going through. Yesterday broke my heart all over again. I can't help but feel we should be tributing those that died, not ranting over John Gibson.


Yes, Kathie, you're right. We all need to focus on the real enemy: the French.

I don't know why you're so ready to defend this idiot. He wished death on my fellow Europeans. You say I should be focusing on the terrorists, but I think he's as bad as those who support the terrorists because he has no concept of the value of human life. He's just a black-hearted bastard.


Will, if you would actually read my posts you would see that I'm not defending him.

I just don't understand why you are so upset with Gibson and his stupid comments when Muslim mullahs around the world...and some probably around the corner from where you live..proclaim death upon Christians, Jews and even Muslims EVERY FUCKING DAY.

Have you ever reported on that?

Are you angry about that?

Do you care about that?

No, you post about a news commentator.

These terrorists actually came through on their threats. And they are going to do it again. And again.

I highly doubt Gibson's comment will result in the death of any Frenchman.


Will, if you would actually read my posts you would see that I'm not defending him.

I just don't understand why you are so upset with Gibson when Muslim mullahs around the world...and some probably around the corner from where you live..proclaim JIHAD upon Christians, Jews and even Muslims EVERY FUCKING DAY.

Have you ever reported on that?

Are you angry about that?

Do you care about that?

No, you get angry about a news commentary.

I highly doubt Gibson's comment will result in the death of any Frenchman. Sorry, but you can't say that about a mullah's jihad.


sorry about the double post. slow server. I blame fox news.


Well, Kathie, most Muslim fanatics don't have the use of the US media. Fox News does, and it uses the ear of the American public - who I still believe are honest, decent, and good people - to promote a fundamentally misguided agenda.

If you read this site regularly you'd see that we care about terrorism and so on. Maybe we disagree with you. We remain anti-terrorist.


Being anti-terrorist and "caring" about terrorism means you have to act on it, not talk about it. All you've done is rant about a commentary on a news program. Sure, it's easier this way and you probably feel you've accomplished something, but you have not.

Most rational people will understand that Gibson was just voicing his opinion, not putting out a call to terrorists to kill French people.

Muslim fanatics do use the media. Of course, it's not Fox or CNN, but they still preach their hatred of the West, their desire for a jihad through their own outlets such as Al-Jazeera.

But I don't see you getting angry about that or calling for their commentators to be fired or for their mullahs to be held accountable. That would require balls.

The PNAC is Treason

My condolences, and my apologies for the pricks who post to defend the neocon slug from Faux news. You must see though, THIS is his audience. Hateful, ignorant, infantile and spiteful -and also quite irrational. The Iraq war was based on a pack of lies and they struggle to keep that fact hidden. France, while it DID fight in Afghanistan on legitimate grounds, it was not good enough. It did not go along with world domination and war under false pretense, so apparently they must be blown up.


Nigel: You pop round here and I'll show you EXACTLY who is angry and who is not.

Hint: within minutes of the attacks, when the news was known, Fox News was giving its readers stock tips. Stock tips. Its first thought after the attacks was advising its readers on how to make money out of them. That's "acting on it".


Well, now, if you all think I'm trolling, that's cool. It's not the truth but you're entitled to your opinions, folks. Joel, you seemed to be pondering my sense of humor on 9/12/01. There were some times I laughed and some times I cried. The only time I didn't have any sense of humor and that was on 09/11/01 when I saw the clip of a town cheering our destruction.
It's amazing to me that someone who is uses the word fuckwit could be so thin skinned.
I didn't give you any advice I wouldn't give a friend, here is some advice a friend from Texas gave me. Perhaps it describes what I have to say in a more genteel manner. "You got the same cloths to be mad is as you do to be glad in, so you may as well get over it."
If you guys want something to be offended by why not find something actually offensive try what's been translated at or the person who runs now he's someone to be offended about.
Gibson is not going to loose his job, part of his job is to get tongues wagging, like all of those here. So I'm going to warn you, prepare to be cross. If you're not going to be quiet great, I hope you find a chant that most accuratly describes your angst.
Anyway, it was interesting interacting with you, random internet people, I will make sure to file your views/concerns in order of their importance. No need to ban me, I'm no ones puppet, and I'm not really interested in sticking around here.
I don't know who to contribute these to, but I find them very apropos.
The truth shall set you free, but first it will piss you off.
It's not the things that you don't know that get you into trouble. It's the things you think you know that you have wrong.


The public has had enough! Are tongues are not wagging! Our fists are up and they're swinging. We're no longer going to put up with this bullshit. The neocons are going down. They're loosing power and they cannot stand it.

We have the truth, you have the ignorance. Gear up, because the rest of us will be leaving you guys behind. We are not going to be lied to and we won't be bullied. It's over. Accept it. If you don't like it you little conservative pukes, leave the damn country! For you see, history has a way of biting people on ass. Years down the road, people like you will be forever ridiculed and repulsed for your foolish and dangerous behavior. Of course when that day comes, you'll never admit which side you were on, for you see, you were, and always will be, a COWARD.

For those of you in London, we love you, and we are with you til the end!


phew. and there was a time when you were worried people weren't commenting enough!


The way we have reacted to the horrific attacks on Thursday has not been uniquely British (let's cut all that stiff upper lip crap), in the same way that the reactions of New Yorkers through 9/11 was uniquely American or the people of Madrid was uniquely Spanish. It was all uniquely human. Those who were there helped and comforted the injured and did all they could to save lives and rescue the trapped. Acts of incredible bravery and humanity.

It binds us ALL together. It binds us to the people of Baghdad who suffer these attrocities on a near daily basis, it binds us to the French, the Germans, to Africans, Australians, to all the people of the world who have been attacked and had their lives destroyed through war and terrorism. It is only in remembering that we are all human and in reacting as humans: crying, hating, laughing and getting on with our lives that we can overcome those who seek to destroy life.

If you belive in a God, or a Maker, who created life then to take life or to wish the taking of life (other than for food) is surely an offense to that God. If not then it is an offense to humanity as a whole. If there is a hell then I hope they will all burn in it regardless of religion, if not then as humans we need to find one for them and leave them there so the rest of us can live our lives in peace.


Ye Gods! I did hear one man who had bean caught in the blasts say that 'If Paris had won the bid then they'd have been bombed instead' but then he was obviously in shock...
John Gibson obviously hasn't a f**king clue!


Why does everyone generalize? I am American but I didn't make that remark, but you lump us all together. I would never wish a bombing on anyone, English, French, German, or who ever. Mayeb I should change my view of thinking and start thinking all Germans were Nazi's, French were cowards and the English have rotten crooked tetth.


Hey Bill,

I don't think anyone in this conversation has indicated that all Amercians take the same views as John Gibson. Indeed far from it. And if you look through the other comments made to Londonist you'll see the most amazing messages of support from the US. I'm sure Gibson doesn't stand alone in his views, he's the only one stupid enough to voice them publicly. What's comforting is the reaction of all those showing their disgust at what he said, yourself included.

My own comments related to how through tragedy the ability of good people to rise above the horrors perpetrated by lunatics and fanatics, or indeed mother nature, bind us together as human beings. And in that we share a commonality with all those who have experienced the same.


"Why does everyone generalize?"

Frankly, that statement is hilarious. Bill, you are king of self-parody.

A re-reading of my post shows I was jolly fair to the US. Wait till I get to Brit Hume tomorrow morning.


Being an American citizen who deeply regrets having toerags like Gibson, Fox News, Puppet Master Cheney and PinnochoBush, claiming to represent this country. MANY Americans are so
God damn ignorant of other people's cultures,
beliefs, opinions, feelings, religions, so much
so that their own self-absorbed, individualist,
arrogance-arrghh, the point is I KNOW why the so-
called world hates America-We treat everyone like
shi@, take what we want when we want-like a petulant child, and when we can't get it, act like an adolescent teenager and rage, physically and verbally. Moreover, for my fellow Americans
claim ing to be religious, and that Bush is a humble, honest, just, God-fearing man-WAHAHAHAHA.
Lastly, lest more of the ignorant infested populace of America forget, if not for the FRENCH
saving the foundering "army" of "patriots", and
helping rid yourselves of the British in America's
inception-your main question would be.."would you
like CHIPS with that, sir?" Thank you France and
your countrymen for years of friendship and sacrifice unthanked by the mindless, mannerless,
lemming-like, general American Public-I only wish
I could have expressed this more happily in person.


In following with the topic "Keeping it in Perspective"...

In September 2002 al-Qa’ida spokesman Suleiman Abu Gheith said: “We have the right to kill four million Americans - two million of them children - and to exile twice as many and wound and cripple hundreds of thousands. It is our right to fight them with chemical and biological weapons.”

And you are STILL getting your panties in a knot over Gibson's comments? Grow up, man. THIS is the real enemy. You're just to scared to admit it.


The Media Matters website where this comes from is a U.S. democratic party propaganda outlet that is financed by George Soros. It's unfortunate that they use tragedies such as this to try to score a few cheap points. Yeah, Gibson has no sense of humor, but focusing on some obscure commentator's stupid joke instead of the seriousness of the bombing is an insult in itself.


Ah, nice to see business as usual.

People are still shocked and hurting after what happened, so comments like Gibson's do seem strange - especially as he operates within mainstream U.S. media.

Wishing death on innocents is something I expect from the lunatic terrorists and fuck-witted fanatics of this world (like Suleiman Abu Geith) - usually bracketed with some bollocks about "Zionist conspiracies".

I know I should be focusing on just the killers themselves but I can't help focusing on everything - every detail, aspect, comment, picture of the whole fucking carnage and aftermath.


Christian Science Monitor, July 11, 2005

In Dalston market in north-east London on Thursday, "Abdullah," a Muslim watch-mender and evangelist, was in a pugnacious mood.

"We don't need to fight. We are taking over!" he said. "We are here to bring civilization to the West. England does not belong to the English people, it belongs to God."

Sure, he's just a kid in a store....maybe he just needs a hug...And the difference between him and Gibson you ask? This kid would probably strap a bomb around his waist and Gibson, well he most definitely won't.


OK, Gibson isn't actually a terrorist so he can say what he likes then.


Bryan, the fact that you don't see the difference in what the Muslim kid said and what John Gibson said is frightening and disappointing. Gibson can say what he likes because in the US we have Freedom of Speech. Sure, you can't yell "fire" in a theater but you have the right to voice your opinion - try that in Saudi or Iraq or Syria. What frightens me is that liberals like you lump a stupid news commentator and a potential bomber like "Abdullah" together using a childish retort. Have you ever watched MEMRI tv? Or read Al-Jazeera's website? I doubt it. If you think what Gibson said is irresponsible, you should watch Muslim "holy" men rationalize the murder of innocent civilians and calling for the overthrow of the West. Oh, then you can watch video of them celebrating the London bombings in the streets. These murderous bastards are not kidding and if you're not concerned by what you've seen and heard, you should be. Or hey, you can just ignore it, that's worked well so far, right?