EasyCinema in Leicester Square

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EasyCinema in Leicester Square

This is a tough one: do we want one of Stelios' big, orange 'no frills' cinemas in Leicester Square?

On the one hand it means cheaper cinema tickets in central London because EasyCinema's business plan is to sell cheap (and by 'cheap' they mean 'really bloody cheap', like 20p a seat) tickets for the less popular films. Plus they also sell popcorn for a pound and the like.

So, great. We get to see films for next to nothing and the ridiculously overpriced Odeon et al have to sit up and pay attention.

But what about the independent cinemas such as the Prince Charles? They manage to provide cheap tickets for 'second-run' showings and they've just started their Feel-Good Fridays where practically everything is a quid.

The Prince Charles has just lost the annual FrightFest to the Odeon West End on Leicester Square, so would an EasyCinema do even more damage?

Last Updated 25 July 2005

Tom Hamshere

The thing I love about the Prince Charles is not the price so much as the films it shows. I often seem to miss interesting films in the cinema as I don't find out about them until after they've finished their first run - word of mouth can just be too slow.

At the Prince Charles you can almost garuantee that every film is a great piece of cinema and are far more likely to find that it is also intelligent and interesting than at your local Odeon. I doubt this will change even with an EasyCinema round the corner.

It will, I guess, mean that the Prince Charles suffers, as not everyone who goes there follows the same reasoning as I. I would hate to see this wonderful little place disappear and will be making attempts to go more frequently to show my support.


What they need is Sing-A-Long Buffy nights.

That should keep them afloat.


OMG that is the best idea ever. I would absolutely go along to the PCC and sing along to once more with feeling and act out all the parts. I think you should make an official request for this mike.


The email is on its way...