Arrests In Leeds

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Arrests In Leeds

The BBC are reporting that arrests have now been made by the Met in West Yorkshire.

Six houses were searched and controlled explosions were carried out.

Police are looking for explosives in the raids (the first of which took place around 6:30 this morning) and "some materials" have been found already. No details on what that material is yet.

Up to 600 people have been evacuated from the area. Police cleared people from homes as well as a mosque, a health centre and an old people's home. Parts of the Beeston area of Leeds has been cordoned off, as well as a street in Dewsbury near the city.

No firm confirmation on how many arrests have been made or who the suspects are yet.

Further updates from Reuters, the Economic Times (one arrested), The Scotsman (bombers' movements), and The Times (police statements).

Last Updated 12 July 2005


Completely and totally off-topic, but an "old people's home"? Is that really the best term a reporter for the BBC could come up with?


Oh it gets worse - turns out they were almost certainly suicide-bombers and were home-grown in Leeds. It's not as if race relations weren't bad enough in West Yorkshire as it is - these stupid evil bastards have just wiped out years of work to get the communities in that part of our fair country to live together peaceably... it is SO depressing to hear this news. I am bloody ANGRY all over again :(