Dickins & Jones To Close

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Dickins & Jones To Close

It's strange, we never really shopped at Dickins & Jones that much, but when we read today that the store was to close it brought a little tear to our eye.

Ok, so we didn't literally well up, but it is a little sad that something that has stood on Regent Street since 1790 should now be put up for "redevelopment" thanks to a "downturn in consumer spending" and rent rises.

Apparently the building has been sold to property developers who are planning to turn it into a series of smaller shops, with flats and offices above.

Anyone remember that story about "the increasingly homogenised nature of our high streets" we ran a few days ago? And that's before you even get to the 500+ staff who could be made redundant as a result.

If you want to read a little about the history of the store before it closes it doors for good you can do so here.

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The good thing about D&J was that it was rarely busy (although I suspect this fact isn't unrelated to its demise).

You could nose around its faintly Grace Brothers menswear department without having to negotiate hordes of Zone 6 daytrippers and without getting that barely perceptible sneer ('you're buying THAT? who you trying to kid?') from a too-cool-for-school sales assistant when you present your solitary item for purchase (did somebody mention Selfridges?)


That's really sad. It's one of the few places you can shop in London that isn't selling the same stuff as every other shop on Oxford or Regent Streets


Um.. isn't Dickens and Jones just a House of Fraser, under a different name. Surely if there was a time to be sad, it was when they took it over.