City-Wide Monopoly

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City-Wide Monopoly

There has been a lot of talk about 'urban gaming' in recent weeks, what with projects like Uncle Roy All Around You and the like popping up all over the UK and Europe.

Now it seems there are plans to turn the whole of London into a giant Monopoly board.

This doesn't mean we'll be seeing giant, silver Scotty dogs bounding down Regent Street trampling shoppers underfoot (although that would be pretty cool), instead the organisers "will use taxis with global positioning system technology as playing pieces".

There will be 18 taxis used in the game, which will last 24 hours (about the average length of a normal Monopoly game then) and the whole thing is being organised by ad agency Tribal DDB.

We couldn't find any more details on DDB's excruciatingly annoying website so we can't tell you what's happening when or why but the game is supposed to start later this month. We'll let you know when we know more.

Last Updated 13 June 2005


We just hosted two manhunt games in NYC, and are hosting capture the flag in Brooklyn this week! check out the website; it might port to London nicely


Tribal DDB's website is perhaps the most irritatingly self-conscious, aggravating to use piece of wankery it has ever been my misfortune to come across.


Perhaps you mean that DDB's website is well weapon?


Perhaps you mean that Tribal DDB's website is well weapon?