Westminser Abbey Versus Dan Brown

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Westminser Abbey Versus Dan Brown

Why has Westminster Abbey decided to embroil itself in the ongoing Da Vinci Code argument?

We're hoping that it might be because it's getting close to the summer and they need to bring in a few extra tourist greenbacks. In which case: well done Westminster Abbey, we salute your entrepreneurial spirit.

Unfortunately, we suspect that the real reason the Abbey has "armed marshals with leaflets to tell tourists exactly what the novel got wrong," is because they're dangerously underestimating the public's intelligence.

Let's just spell this out shall we: reading a book to while away the hours on the tube is not the same as commiting yourself to a religious doctrine.

We've read Foucault's Pendulum and The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail and we're not convinced about the whole 'bloodline of Christ' thing...we still enjoyed the read though.

As Umberto Eco himself says in a recent interview: "Dan Brown had the excellent idea of treating it as if it were true. Millions of people believed him. They took it seriously, but it was all a hoax."

If Westminster Abbey are serious about halting the 'influence' of this dangerous text then maybe they should start handing out leaflets which give away the ending to the book. That should put a dent in the sales figures.

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The Abbey has 'armed marshals'? Blimey they are taking it seriously....


Everyone knows the TRUE bloodline from Christ was revealed in PREACHER by Garth Ennis


Believe me, there are some really stupid people out there. The number of people you have to tell: "It's fiction"...

Not surprising when you consider that the tabloids report on the goings on of Coronation Street as if the characters were real people.


Hhmmm… so what’s more realistic, that a non-divine preacher existed a long time ago who happened to start one of the largest clubs ever or the son of “god” was walking around 2000 years ago but hasn’t bothered to show himself since (through various wars and uncountable natural disasters). Yea, everyone’s clearly stupid, Stupid.

I think you’re missing the point.


Ok, let's not get into somw theological debate here - the point here is that people shouldn't take thriller novels as 'gospel' (excuse the pun) - do some background readign and make your own mind up. That's it.