Our Wheel's Bigger Than Your Wheel!

By Rob Last edited 153 months ago
Our Wheel's Bigger Than Your Wheel!

Olympic games...giant ferris wheel...it must be a story about London right?

Well, you might want to shift your focus slightly to the east, as this story is actually about Shanghai's plans to build their own giant wheel in time for the Beijing Olympics.

According to Reuters, "The Shanghai Star Ferris is due to start spinning by 2008 and will stand at 200 to 230 meters, stripping the world's tallest title from the 135-meter London Eye."

How cheeky is that? Couldn't they have picked another type of fairground ride to wow their tourists with? Maybe a 60-storey high helter skleter, or even a really, really big coconut shy?

Londonist fully expects the 'powers that be' to come up with something spectacular by 2008 to really put London back on the giant ferris wheel map. All suggestions are welcome, so feel free to leave us your ideas.

Last Updated 12 May 2005


The Shanghai wheel will also boast a restaurant...

Plus there is a new wheel going up in Las Vegas that will push our effort into third place. Bugger.


Back in 2000 there was word of a Prague wheel that would nobble ours, but that plan never worked out.