Londonist Loves... Cross Pollination

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Londonist Loves... Cross Pollination

No, not more flowers.

In what we hope is the first of many excursions to the side of the Internet that is eight hours in the past we managed to sneak a story up on SFist earlier today. The story concerns Flickr and perhaps sordid photography with the occasional Buffy reference... you can read it here. While you're over there check out the rest of the site and maybe branch out into some of the other Ists. Lots of good reading out there.

Sometime soon we'll be extending an invite back across the void to give one or two of our American brethren the chance to give one of our stories a spin. We'd love to see what they make of George Galloway or perhaps the next Fathers 4 Justice stunt...

Thanks to Eve for giving us the chance to contaminate the good people of San Francisco... much like those pods did back in 1978.

Last Updated 09 May 2005


Now that you mention it... there was a not-unentertaining piece about Fathers 4 Justice in yesterday's New York Times magazine and how they're trying to start up in the States.

Also, hilarious coverage of your election on CNN! That woman who told Blair, "I will not shake hands with a killer"? Genius!

Jackson West

When I find a decent meat pie in San Francisco, I'll let everyone in London know.