Bye Bye Murder Boards

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Bye Bye Murder Boards

Another familiar London sight may soon be a thing of the past, but whether this particular icon will be missed at all is still being debated. Bright yellow 'murder boards' are to go according to the Telegraph. Scotland Yard is about to ditch the boards because of concern that they generate public anxiety while adding little or no benefit to police investigations.

It's been suggested that as many as 1000 boards a year are on the streets of London which is worrying in itself as they are only supposed to appear in the wake of murders or serious crimes, although it is thought some officers put out boards for a range of lesser offences.

A Scotland Yard official said:

We are considering whether there are better ways of seeking information, which are more reassuring for the public. The boards go up where it is thought they are needed but they sometimes don't come down quickly enough... If we do still use them, should we not have follow up boards saying 'we solved this'?"

Perhaps the solution is to implement the same kind of electronic ticker signs that sit atop bus shelters. MURDER 563 SOLVED - NEXT MURDER DUE IN 15 MINUTES. That kind of thing...

Note: The above photo was found on Flickr and taken by Colin Gregory Palmer and is used under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 License. While using such jolly key word searches as 'murder' we also came across these photos. As picklin'paul says: Why waste money on an expensive tour guide when you can tastelessly recreate the scenes of Jack the Ripper's murders yourself?

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Thanks for using my photo and giving me credit. I'm glad to hear that the city will no longer be using the yellow boards.


No problem Colin. You should join the Londonist Flickr group. I'll drop you an invite.


Actually - I'm disappointed that these boards are being scrapped. I think they make people sit up and take notice. Cause anxieties? Well - that may be - but what better a way to get people to help and take notice of things going on around them. I think they increase awareness. I think this is worth any possible anxities in my opinion. If people were ore aware of crimes and potential crimes - then I think that there would be less of it.

Anyway - on a lighter note: one of my friends took the following pic on her cameraphone - made me laugh in a way:

Best regards - Jag


Bugger - the URL in the last comment didn't automatically hyperlink. Here is the link again:

Click here to see a semi-amusing pic of a yellow police board


I have some interesting yellow boards on my blog:


Jag - I have a soft spot for these boards too. I'd rather know that something nasty happened on the doorstep rather than try that 'ignorance is bliss' routine.

I'm surprised the sign that Heather snapped stayed up without marker pen additions...

Rustle - cheers for the link. What the hell does BURGLARY ARTIFICE mean? The text underneath just left me even more confused... House of Curtains? Did Chris Morris write this?


Mike: yes - very surprised that Heather's yellow board was not marked up in various ways.

I had to look up artifice in the dictionary - and it says "trickery or craft, skill, ingenuity, ruse: a deceptive manouvre (especially to avoid capture) "

So perhaps House of Curtains is a drapery sort of shop that got burgled - and maybe the younger guy and the elderly guy were hanging around in a decpetive sort of fashion to evade capture.