British Airways' Slanging Match

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British Airways' Slanging Match

Strike a light! British Airways has compiled an online dictionary of London slang to help American tourists and ex-pats blend in and feel at home. Although Londonist can think of few more conspicuous things than an American tourist casually attempting to slip the words "tickety-boo" into conversation.

This lexicon runs to 80 words, including "minger", "afters", and "beer mat", and BA claims it is the first of its kind, which Londonist frankly finds very hard to believe. A good laugh or intensely patronising? It's very hard to decide.


Last Updated 06 May 2005


I'd have to say that even though I'm Scottish, when I see the word "hoo-ha" I am definitely not thinking about a commotion.


Heheh, and if someone asks me if I want some afters, it may not mean dessert, but something much less savoury.


I can't get the BA site to show anything other than the flight & hotel info boxes in Firefox. I guess this is another of those annoying IE-only sites (further reason, as if I needed it, not to fly BA when travelling back to the UK for some rain therapy ;-)


Take it back - it was the flash block plugin doing something odd. Normally I get a play icon, but on this site it didn't appear. Turning that off allowed the dictionary to appear!


The word "tosser" is conspicuous by its absence.

Robert John Kaper

The first of its kind? Spend five seconds at Google and you'll find both and http://www.cockneyrhymingslang... in the top results. Both work without Flash, fortunately.

Guy Brighton

As a brit in New York I can't tell you how crap these ads seem. If it was Virgin or Mini Cooper then fair enough, but British Airways!!

What ad agency did this?? Kuwaiti Tankers.