Galloway With The Fairies?

By Rob Last edited 158 months ago
Galloway With The Fairies?

George Galloway squared up to Labour's Oona King in Bethnal Green this week in the first of what is bound to be a bruising series of clashes between the New Labour candidate and George’s Respect Party.

When asked about the problem of drugs in the constituency, George answered in a way which suggests that he might still be a bit upset over that whole Iraq war business:

"If the Royal Navy was not patrolling the coast of the Persian Gulf but patrolling the coast of Great Britain there would be fewer boats arriving every night landing junk on our shores that ends up in the veins of our young people."

Londonist has since gained access to Galloway’s briefing notes for the meeting and can exclusively reveal how the moustachioed one planned to answer questions on other pressing subjects, such as:

Litter: If there weren’t so many American soldiers in Iraq right now then maybe there’d be a few more patrolling the streets over here, threatening to shoot people who drop Snickers wrappers willy nilly.

Funding for housing: If they weren’t bombing so many houses in Iraq then maybe there’d be a few more builders over here building stuff and having hilarious adventures, you know, like they do on Auf Wiedersehen Pet.

Transport and the environment: Traffic jams would present no problems if we all had tanks to drive around in. But where are all the tanks? Yep, you guessed it, they’re over in Iraq. Maybe if there weren’t so many heavily armoured vehicles over there then we could all get home in time for Neighbours once in a while.

Last Updated 12 April 2005


Galloway is always entertaining. If it wasn't for his backward stance on abortion he'd be the ultimate politician.

Would love to see him, Ken and Two Jabs in some kind of Thunderdome... naked to the waist and armed with chainsaws. That kind of debate is sadly lacking in British politics.


Your jibe at Galloway is a tad unfair. He is generally entertaining but gave a very reasoned argument the other night on telly about drugs. Seems the UK and US are up to their neck in it in cahoots with a well known South American regime (name starts with C, ends in a). All this in the interests of global anti-terrorism.


Roger - you're absolutely right - it is slightly unfair, but we were just pointing out that George's rhetoric is a little 'themed' at the moment and he's not goign to get anywhere by just going on about Iraq all the time.

Unfortunately Labour have donw a pretty good job of clearing the war out of people's minds ahead of the election and George is going to have a hell of a time getting it back on the agenda.

Even the LibDems are backing off the Iraq stretegy a bit now.


True, Galloway's rhetoric is themed, and from his accent I suspect he isn't an East Londoner, but I live in Oona's constituency and I think he's a necessary evil.

He's always harping on about the war because someone has to. In the general scheme of things it was, you know, Quite A Big Deal, and does go to the heart of what this government is about.

While Oona may have admirable views on Palestine, there has been something of a Muslim backlash against her locally and she shouldn't be too surprised. She backed Blair all the way and opposed the amendment backing military action only if the UN endorsed it.

Oona also voted with the government on private involvement in public services and on tuition fees, didn't vote regarding Blunkett's dodgy anti-terror measures and has fought a dirty, not to say libellous, campaign.

You're right to lampoon Galloway a little, but, given that there are already enough publications happy to do that job, and given that joking about him leads to joking about Iraq, let's go easy on him til after May 5, eh?