Tower Bridge Failure

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Tower Bridge Failure

We just got a news release from the London Assembly Conservatives:

Tower Bridge failure causes chaos

Tower Bridge got stuck today forcing traffic tail backs and vehicles to be diverted into the congestion charge zone. The incident occurred as the bridge tried to lower itself having been raised. For 25 minutes one side of the bridge was about a foot higher than the other. At 11.10am the bridge was raised fully and at the time of writing is still to be lowered.

Tower Bridge Road is a Congestion Charge boundary and any traffic diversions will result in motorists being forced to pay the congestion charge.

Roger Evans, London Assembly Transport Spokesman, who was on Tower Bridge when the fault occurred, said:

"I have never heard of anything like this happening to Tower Bridge before. I hope that TfL will be sympathetic to motorists if they have been forced into the congestion charge zone. Any motorists forced to make a detour should be allowed to claim a refund on the charge."

Trust the tories to concentrate on the travel problems as opposed to the stunt benefits. We've already sent an email to Colt Seavers, the Duke boys and Hooper.

We've also promised to let Evel Knievel know the minute that 80 double deckers suddenly break down in a line...

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Saw the bridge being open at 12:00 on my way to lunch and I was quite impressed since it was the first bridge opening I witnessed. I was even more impressed when it was still open at about 13:00 coming back from lunch...


apparently pedestrians were allowed to cross over the upper part of the bridge for free. unfortunately for my flatmate, he'd just gone grocery shopping, and had to lug the groceries up 5 flights of stairs before carrying them over the bridge...