Survey Wars

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Survey Wars

To tram or not to tram that is the question, but it seems that there's a bit of confusion between the great people of London as to what the answer is.

Is it nobler in the mind to suffer congestion, disruption to shops and displacement of traffic on to residential streets, or to take arms against the West London Tram plan?

It's a toughy.

A public survey of 17,000 people showed that 59% were against the tram system, which would run from Uxbridge to Shepherds Bush via Acton, Ealing, Hanwell and Southall town centres.

So London has spoken, end of story? Not quite.

Another survey, this time by the ever so trustworthy Transport for London, showed that, of 1,000 randomly selected people, only 18% opposed the scheme and "28% either knew too little about it or had no preference". The remaining 54% backed the tram.

According to Ken this means that "it is clear that this major transport investment has strong local support", a conclusion that both Tory and LibDem politicians are having some problems with.

Londonist conducted its own survey of staff and friends and came to this firm conclusion:

100% of those asked agreed that surveys prove absolutely nothing.

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Geneva in Switzerland, where Lake Geneva spills into the Rhone had removed the tram lines from one hundred years ago and traffic was allowed to flow. Recently the tram lines have been added again, running from the UN and Place des Nations, through Geneva and more. I like the idea of a tram rather than a bus because more people can be seated inside and comfort in general is higher.

Another element to take into consideration when adding this tramline though is about how the commuters would gain access to the tramline. If the tramline is constructed then parkings or a shuttle service should be put in place to avoid people needing a car.

If public transport is to be considered a service then it needs to more frequent, allowing for people to base their lives around the meetings they setup rather than the times at which the transports run.

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