Pay Per Pond

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Pay Per Pond
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The Hampstead Ponds debacle seems to have reached some kind of conclusion with the announcement that Hampstead Heath Management Committee is to introduce a fee of £2 a day to use the pools.

The Corporation of London insists that it costs half a million pounds a year to maintain the ponds and employ two, full-time, lifeguards to protect swimmers. But regular visitors to the ponds are arguing that there is "a long tradition of free swimming" which needs to be maintained.

Londonist suggests that the Corporation use the new money to introduce a number of extra features to the ponds. A few wave machines maybe, that's bound to please the locals. And what about a slide, they're always fun.

Last Updated 22 February 2005


What is happening in Hampstead is another example of London's war in swimming - here in Lewisham we may have diverse shopping but swimming is 'at risk' with the council determined to demolish our pools against the wishes of the community.
The closure of swimming facilities is seen as an easy way to source some easy cash.