Channel 4's Demolition

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Channel 4's Demolition

As of today you can vote for what you think is the country's most "vile building" in order to get it torn down by Channel 4.

It's all part of 4's new Demolition programme, which is very much like the BBC's successful Restoration series only with one, very obvious, difference.

The idea stems from George Ferguson, president of the Royal Institute of British Architects, who started talking about giving certain buildings a Grade X listing last year.

The programme format is pretty straightforward: a panel of specialists choose from a shortlist of 10 buildings (picked by the public) and then the judges become "cheerleaders" for the particular building they want to see reduced to dust.

Of course, there's bound to be some London buildings on that list, but which ones? We know that Mr Ferguson has already cited the St George's Hotel on Langham Place as one of his personal eyesores, but we can't seem too many people getting upset over that one.

Other names we've heard mentioned include the Kings Cross Holiday Inn, the NatWest Tower (can't really see them destroying that), Centrepoint (ditto), and Battersea Power Station (one of Londonist's favourite London buildings as it goes).

You can nominate your least favourite buildings over at the Channel 4 website now, or, if you prefer, just leave your views in our Comments section.

Last Updated 21 February 2005


It would be much more fun if Restoration and Demolition combined. So you'd get three groups who want millions of pounds to get their favourite building-that's-about-to-fall-down - the one who gets the most votes goes through to the Restoration final, and the one who gets the least votes goes on to C4's Demolition. And then watch their faces as the building they've campaigned so hard to restore gets demolished on live TV!

Or is that just me?


It would be shame to lose that bar on top of the St George's. And Battersea Power Station is a listed landmark currently being redeveloped by the likes of Ron Arad. The real point here is that Ferguson should know better. RIBA's job should be to protect examples of architecture of all periods from fashion and profit - not line them up so that Prince Charles and the other unwashed can throw rotten eggs at them for entertainment, before the developers get grants to knock'em down. Why is it right for RIBA to delegate responsibility to the kind of people who vote in TV polls?


I thought Restoration was on the Beeb? Makes sense - them doing that and C4 doing Demolition...

I'd go for Buckingham Palace - that grim, squat, grey, grimy, lowering edifice.
Queen Camilla deserves better...


Selvy - Restoration was the BBC you're right. Correction made.


BBC builds things up.
Channel 4 knocks them down.

Oh, the layers.


My personal nominations would be Sea Containers House, Portcullis House, the Tower Thistle Hotel and the Swiss Centre.

Monsters all.