Braff In London

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Braff In London

We're fans of Zach Braff her at Londonist. We wouldn't go as far to say that Garden State was one of our 'films of 2004', but it was pretty good. Plus he's funny in Scrubs.

So we were pleased to see that Braff gives London a good write up in his popular Garden State blog.

"What an amazing city." Braff writes. "I can't wait to come back here and spend some real time walking around when I'm not required to do 4000 interviews a day in the same dark hotel room."

Braff also perpetuates some common 'myths' about the city's residents: "The people here are very polite and they absolutely love to drink. It seems like every activity is based around when you'll drink next...They love "Friends" here. I swear, if you flick channels, 'Friends' is on at all times of the day. There's like 'Friends' channels!"

That'll be Channel 4 then.

But the best thing about Braff's report is his delight over our national slang words:

"I learned a great expression today. 'Fit' It means hot! Some reporter told me he thought Nat was 'fit.' I said I think she works out, but I'm not sure how fit she is. No, he said- hot! I like that; I'm bringing 'fit' home."

If he gets that excited over 'fit', imagine what he'll be like if he ever hears 'chav'.

Last Updated 04 January 2005


It's only a matter of time before they go international. You know it, and I know it.


'chav'? Ok, so it's only fair that you share the meaning for your brit-culture-impaired readers. Spill it. Please.


this should explain all


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