The Ritz Casino Three Go Free

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The Ritz Casino Three Go Free

Londonist is a little overexcited about Channel 4's new series The Heist which starts tomorrow.

The premise of assembling "a gang of authentic criminal masterminds to attempt the perfect crime." sounds right up our street, but, as usual with these types of things, reality is way more interesting.

Over the weekend The Times reported that the three gamblers who managed to take £1.3m off the Ritz casino nine months ago, have been allowed to keep their winnings.

This story is probably up there in Londonist's Top Three of 2004. After all, it has all the elements: a "chic and beautiful” Hungarian woman, two Serbian men, lasers, roulette and the Barclay Brothers. What more do you want?

If you're unfamiliar with the original story, basically the "audacious coup" was pulled off using a laser scanner in a mobile phone, linked to a micro-computer which was able to predict which section of the wheel the roulette ball would land.

Over two nights the trio took the Ritz for £1.3m but then had their hotel room raided by Scotland Yard officers and all their cash impounded.

Unfortunately the charge of "obtaining winnings by deception" just hasn't stuck because the scanner did not interfere with, or manipulate,the game. Now all three are free to leave the country with the cash.

But let's face it, £1.3m is nothing compared to what they're going to get for the book and film rights for this little caper.

Londonist is thinking maybe Natalie Portman as the "chic and beautiful” Hungarian woman, and Jeremy Irons and Alan Rickman as the 'evil' Barclay brothers.

Last Updated 06 December 2004

Mathew Bevan

Hope you enjoyed the show, part 2 is even more 'fun' .. 8-))


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