Thought Of The Day

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Thought Of The Day

We didn't see anything about philosophical enlightenment in the Mayor's Transport Strategy for London document so we can only assume that the Thought Of The Day policy currently being implemented at Oval station is the work of plucky, existentially-minded staff.

The 'thoughts' which are currently being broadcast via the station's service information whiteboard (and availabe to all via Ploggle) are generally optimistic in tone and obviously meant to gee up all those glum, early morning commuters.

Although, extra credit has to go to the member of London Underground staff who was brave/foolish enough to write "Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work" a few days ago.

Last Updated 09 November 2004

jamie milne

I'd have thought 'It's better to travel than to arrive' would have been a more appropriate one...


I love it when train staff brighten things up like that. Perhaps I'm easily pleased.


why not eh?
I think thats a positive initiative. You never know, it may go some way to injecting a bit of life into the miserable b*stard commuters that I see every morning.