The London Tomes

By Rob Last edited 162 months ago
The London Tomes

Just in time for the weekend, Londonist is proud to present the first episode of The London Tomes, our new London-based, animated series.

We're not going to say too much about it, we'll let you make your own minds up. Suffice to say that there are talking animals, the District Line and the criminally insane.

Let us know what you think, and also (as this is the first time we've done this) if you have any problems viewing the Flash animation.

Last Updated 26 November 2004


A rabbit. A panda. Random violence. The District Line.

Well, it ticks all my boxes.



I love the style! Really nice. But. Make. It. About. Ten. Times. Faster.

It'll be funnier, trust me.


I found it went faster on the second viewing. And it was better that way.


Heheh, made me smile if nothing else, agree with the above though, could be faster and some sound would be grand too (unless I just forgot to turn my speakers on as I watched, which is possible). Does need a sequel on the bus too, everyone knows that's were all the *really* crazy people go to spend their days, it's like a home from home for those in the 'care in the community' program.


Hmm, odd. I'll use a preloader and stuff on the next one.
As for the buses, you're dead right, with the average post office running a pretty close second.